Service Sphere were lucky enough to witness the special launch of Eversys’ highly anticipated new super automatic machine, presented at Host Milano.

On the 20th of October, at Host Milano, the Cameo was launched. The Cameo is the first Eversys machine to feature the classic ‘C shape’ of Italian traditional espresso machines and is the most technologically advanced piece of equipment Eversys has produced to date. The new design comes in three different themes; ‘Earth’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Tempest’.

The Swiss company shares a vision with brand ambassador, champion barista and coffee innovator, Matt Perger, which aims to bridge the gap between traditional coffee and super-automatic machine technology. Matt stated, “I’m in this industry for the love of coffee, and Eversys’ technology is raising the bar to deliver quality coffee for everyone. The industry has been waiting for super-automatic machines to provide an authentic challenge to traditional machines.”

And thus, the Cameo was created.

Cameo embraces the new demands for super automatic coffee machines by integrating new innovations and technologies with the already proven Eversys features. 

Features include:

  • e'Foam™: allows you to texture the milk by product type. This is done through the new Micro Air Dosing (MAD) system controlled electronically, using the screen's steam wheel selector.
  • Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT): makes it now possible to create individual milk foams and textures. 
  • e’Barista™ System: rather than replacing baristas, Eversys elevates them to a superior barista level by providing them with the ability to set up the core components of optimal in-cup quality, whilst letting the machine repro​duce their creations, time after time.
  • e’Connect™: enables all stakeholders to have transparency on key parameters of the machines. Ranging from hourly/daily/monthly productivity, technical performance and drinks profiles, the machines can provide key management information in real time in “push” or “pull” format.
  • e'Clean™ (patent pending): machines can store one month’s worth of cleaning tablets, dispensed daily through a laser guided automatic distribution unit. This ensures that health and safety rules are maintained as well as safeguarding the machine’s optimum performance.
  • Variable Tea Temperature system (VTT): different water temperatures are now available. The temperature can be adjusted from the screen’s hot water wheel, allowing for total control.
  • A Second Grinder: you can expect your usual option of a one 2.4kg capacity grinder, or you now have the option for two 1.2kg grinders.
  • High Productivity: has the ability to produce two products at the one time, and has the option to produce 140/175 espresso, 140/175 cappuccino or 150 hot water portions an hour.
  • Modular system: the uncompromising modularity construction that Eversys is known for has been improved to allow for quicker maintenance and ease within Cameo.
  • Reduced Footprint: Cameo has a smaller footprint compared to the existing Eversys e’range.

The Cameo allows for quality and design to combine with authenticity and price, and with this exciting launch we at Service Sphere can’t wait to get our hands on it!

To find out more on the launch of the Cameo or to submit your interest, you can contact one of our sales representatives - click here

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