Find the perfect match to keep your office happily caffeinated! 

When choosing a coffee machine for your office there's a lot to consider! How much coffee do we drink? How much are we willing to spend? What will be the ongoing costs?

To inform your decision, this article will clarify all of those important questions, covering options suitable for different office sizes, budgets, and volume requirements.

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1. Eversys Cameo

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CAPACITY: Over 500 cups per day  |  PRICE: Starting at $16,715  |  WATER SUPPLY: Plumbed  |  DRAINAGE REQUIRED: Yes

The Eversys Cameo is a great option for large offices whilst being affordably priced. The Cameo infuses bespoke style with individualised product delivery. This super-automatic promises to provide a spectacle for any office. Brand new to the Australian market, the Cameo is backed by Eversys’ reputation for leading-edge quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity. The Cameo allows for quality and design to combine with authenticity and price, and gives you complete reign over customising this machine to meet your office’s every need. 

2. Rheavendors LaRhea Business Line Grande


CAPACITY: 250 cups per day | PRICE: $6,400  | WATER SUPPLY: Tanked or Plumbed  | DRAINAGE REQUIRED: Optional

The laRhea Business Line translates the precision and consistency of a professional barista into fully automated coffee preparation, as reliable in performance as in flavour. The all new Business Line boasts heightened performance and a sleek new design suited to any office space. Key features include the touchscreen interface with 12 beverage selections, the Variflex brewer, soluble options to allow for chocolate beverages, and a telemetry system for remote access. You are also given extra flexibility as you can choose between fresh or instant coffee beans, as well as fresh or powdered milk, depending on the level of convenience required.

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3. LaCimbali S20


CAPACITY: 200 cups per day  |  PRICE: $17,520  |  WATER SUPPLY: Plumbed  |  DRAINAGE REQUIRED: Yes

The brand new S20 is the latest super-automatic coffee machine to be released by LaCimbali, promising to be the perfect bean-to-cup solution for offices that require around 200 cups of coffee a day. The S20's intrinsic purpose is to provide reliability and consistency on a daily basis thanks to innovative technical solutions that have always made LaCimbali machines cutting-edge. Key features include a completely customisable 7 inch touchscreen display with up to 24 drink selections, a soluble hopper for chocolate powder, integrated bi-directional WI-FI, Milk Precision System, and a built-in automatic washing system.

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 4. LaCimbali S30


CAPACITY: 300 cups per day  |  PRICE: $21,160  |  WATER SUPPLY: Plumbed |  DRAINAGE REQUIRED: Yes

The LaCimbali S30 is a great fit for medium to large offices with its ability to handle high volume locations making up to 300 coffees a day. The LaCimbali super-automatic machine offers you a unique experience. The S30 gives the user an innovative and rewarding human to machine interaction, incorporating the very latest technology available in the coffee industry. Select a beverage on the 10.4 inch touch display, from an endlessly customisable menu including chocolate beverage options thanks to the soluble hopper, and let the machine do the rest. The LaCimbali provides complete automation to ensure it will never be a distraction in the office.

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5. Eversys e’Barista Range


CAPACITY: 500 cups per day  |  PRICE: Starting at $17,358  |  WATER SUPPLY: Plumbed  |  DRAINAGE REQUIRED: Yes

The Eversys e'Barista range offers a machine for any office size seeking super-automatic excellence. Eversys has truly achieved results that were once thought impossible from automatic coffee machines. With a focus on quality and functionality, the e’Barista range includes features such as an 8 inch touch display, 24g brew chambers, and automatic features including milk, cleaning and telemetry systems. All this whilst remaining completely modular to allow for easy maintenance and servicing needs.

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6. Delonghi Eletta Automatic


CAPACITY: 50 cups per day  |  PRICE: $1,771  |  WATER SUPPLY: Tanked   |  DRAINAGE REQUIRED: No

The Delonghi Eletta is perfectly suited to small offices with low consumption levels. It provides simplicity with clearly identified functions, making a harmonious marriage between design and functionality. Key features include the Delonghi Latte Crema System, the option of using either beans or ground coffee, sensory metal touch control, and automatic cleaning.

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Each one of these coffee machines is perfectly suited to a particular office space with options available for varying budgets, capacity requirements, and locations. With a structured preventative maintenance and servicing program, plus onsite breakdown call outs 24/7, Service Sphere can ensure your workplace will always be happily caffeinated!

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