Coffee machines are a complex piece of equipment that incorporate many intricate functions; combining mechanical, electrical and hydraulic functions into one unit.  All of which need to communicate and work perfectly to ensure a consistent end result, providing you with your ideal coffee.   If your coffee machine is not serviced regularly, the quality of your coffee may be affected.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

Service Sphere is a strong advocate of preventative maintenance.  With over 20 years’ experience in the coffee industry, we have found that clients who opt for a preventative maintenance program, over a reactive program, are more satisfied with their equipment performance, and their coffee efficiency. Due to this, many are even keen to partake in our Customised Maintenance Schedule.

Every business is unique, this is why we customise maintenance schedules based on each locations requirements.  Only after we conduct an analysis and gain an understanding of your business model, do we create a customised preventative maintenance program relevant to your business’s needs.

Long-term effects and cost comparisons usually favour preventative maintenance over reactive maintenance.  The long term benefits of Preventative Maintenance versus Reactive Maintenance include:

  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Decreased cost of replacement equipment or longer life of the equipment
  • Decreased maintenance downtime
  • Better spare inventory and resource management
  • More efficient use of capital and the ability to budget for service
  • Increased customer satisfaction – the feeling of service

Do you wait for your car to break down before servicing it?  Coffee machines are a similar concept. Many of our Clients are selling high volumes of coffee per day. By scheduling a preventative maintenance program, we are able to work on the machines during times that suit the Client, (ordinarily, during quiet times or after hours), as opposed to having to conduct emergency repairs during peak periods and impacting their business - machines will operate at their optimum level, offering a better-quality coffee, each and every time. With all of these advantages, coupled with our 24/7 national reactive service program, it suits you to sign up.

Call us to enquire about a personalised preventative maintenance schedule on 1300 730 680 .

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