The New Generation of Office Coffee Machines

Following up on last month’s technical article posted in the Bean Scene Magazine, Top Office Solutions covered our top picks for office coffee machines, we briefly covered Eversys, La Cimbali & Rhea we thought we would revisit this piece.

Nowadays consumers are paying an average of $4.14 for a cappuccino in Melbourne.  For this reason, we can’t blame today’s office workers for being sick of forking out time and money on their daily coffee. Over the last few years we have seen a massive growth in quality bean to cup coffee machines for the office market. Many readers would remember the big boring vending machine rumbling along and dispensing sub-standard coffee located in the far corner of an office space; almost forcing office workers to find a local coffee shop and entrust a barista to make a quality cup.

This isn’t the case with nowadays with a lot of quality solutions on the marketing.  One of these being the Rheavendors range, offering a great vending machine style coffee machine. to your office. The new LaRhea Business Line is giving users the option of a great coffee cup at the click of a button.

The business line offers a higher quality beverage, modern design (with an illuminated touch panel) and 12 customizable beverage options. The options are endless - car dealerships, office spaces, convenience stores or any place a quality self -service option is a requirement.   Rheavendors have incorporate their innovative technologies within this range, including:

  • Variflex- a self-adjusting brewer featuring a brewing chamber that automatically adjusts its tamp pressure to the quantity of coffee dosed thereby making the perfect espresso every time.

 Coffee addicts no longer need to google things like ‘how to make a coffee without a coffee maker or ‘how to make coffee’ with the upgraded features of VariPlus, anyone can now make a great cup of coffee, without leaving the office.

We have a whole range of office coffee machines in a showroom, should you require further information feel free to contact us by Clicking Here.