LaCimbali's patented ‘TurboSteam’ innovation makes the coffee process one touch simpler.

At the click of a button, on the dedicated touch pad, the barista is able to select from four preset milk options.  These four options are customisable, allowing you to have full control over the level of foam and texture in the jug - from un-frothed hot milk and frothed with a hint of foam to foam galore, your options are endless!

The TurboSteam advantage increases consistency, productivity and efficiency.  Service Sphere believe consistent milk is an integral part to any business with a coffee focus. The TurboSteam option is available on the LaCimbali M34 or M100 traditional machine, as well as the Q10 or S30 super automatic machine. Baristas can attend to other tasks at hand, having full confidence the feature will save time, minimise wastage and streamline the overall process involved in making a milk-based coffee.

This feature is beneficial to the Barista by ensuring:

  • Excellent quality of milk
  • Optimal serving times are reduced
  • Striving towards zero wastage by only using the required amount of milk

To request a demonstration of these features contact a Service Sphere representative here.