LaCimbali’s M100 Now Better Then Ever!

After our industry partner Lavazza exhibited the LaCimbali M100i coffee machine at Foodservice Australia show, we have received numerous requests for pricing and availability for the newly updated M100i.

Built by baristas for baristas, means every component in the espresso machine has been meticulously designed to ensure a consistent coffee and milk will be produced.

One such feature is the Barista Drive System (BDS), by connecting through a bluetooth connection this allows the LaCimbali Elective grinder to communicate and autocalibrate. By having this connection, quality and performance are almost guaranteed with every type of coffee as the machine guides the user through the coffee making process.

The simple task of steaming milk is full of inconsistencies from measuring the amount of milk to frothing. The M100i does not have this problem, now featuring an intelligent 4 stage automatic milk frothing system capable of frothing milk suited for any beverage, jug size or cup size.  This feature is very useful for cold beverages including iced coffees and frappes. LaCimbali is the only traditional coffee machine in the market offering an internal milk frothing system.

All these new upgrades within the LaCimbali M100i are a huge leap in research and development. Whilst still retaining key features. Including quality components, programable pre-infusing, touch screen & smart main display as well as LaCimbali’s patented ruveco teck which drastically reduces the risk of heavy metals migrating into the brewed beverage and preventing scale build up internally.

For those looking for a power saving machine ,LaCimbali’s M100i is a Green Eco-friendly machine compliant with RoHS. This means once users activate the power saving mode, the machine will lower the boiler pressure and steam pressure during off peak periods. The M100i is fitted with LaCimbali’s patented Smart Boiler technology, which optimises the refilling of water into the boiler, by constantly injecting water, while maintaining thermal balance during down times and peak business hours.

All of these features have been developed to reduce user error when preparing coffee beverages and ensuring your coffee is up to your roasts standards.

To learn more about LaCimbali’s M100i, you can easily contact our sales department here.