Are you ready for super-automation?

It isn’t debatable that the global coffee market is evolving by the day, the diversity of the products available for consumers is incredible. But what exactly makes the Cameo and its new 1.5 step feature so special for us?

Most of you will now know about the brand Eversys, based out in Switzerland. They are tirelessly striving to bridge the gap perceived between the super-automatic coffee machine & its predecessor the traditional machine, a big task whilst still ensuring a quality coffee beverage. Service Sphere displayed the Eversys Cameo with the new 1.5 Step feature at MICE 2019 and have had a huge interest from Cafe's & Baristas, as the C’2 incorporates practicality at the touch of a personalized interface screen. The power is given back to the barista, he/she can now programme & control the coffees dosages, water temperature & milk options. Ensuring a consistent coffee, with almost limitless customization options for each user.

Eversys e’Barista system has factored in every process a barista would usually make & programmed them into an intelligent electronic process.

What about milk?

Users can deliver Milk in 3 ways: 

  1. One step: This simple option gives the user the easiest coffee possible, put a cup underneath the group head and select your beverage. The Eversys Cameo will do the rest, milk dispenses from the head, in conjunction with the coffee.
  2. 1.5 step: Espresso will come out of the group head, this feature, is in our opinion the best option for consistency.  By using the 1.5 step feature, baristas are able to simply select the texture & desired temperature of the milk depending on the beverage type. The Cameo will pour the milk already at the optimal setting straight from the 1.5 step milk arm into the pitcher. This feature is great to reduce wastage whilst ensuring consistency
  3. Everfoam (e'Foam): The baristas are able to electronically adjust the aeration & temperature of the steam going into the milk jug in order to achieve the desired consistency with the possibility to create Latte art with the Manual steam wand, through the Micro Air Dosing (MAD) system.

Eversys has gone above & beyond with the 1.5 Step system, previously many super-automatics suffered from having little to no variable milk options or textures. Now baristas are able to select through a sophisticated controlled system, two different fresh milk options are available, boasting the feature of selecting an exact amount of milk temperature & foam texture (EMT) delivered every time. Even more too this, Baristas are still able to work the Steam, giving them the opportunity to be creative with latte art at full control and consistency.

Service Sphere is Australia’s master importer of the Eversys range, should you require further information you can contact our sales department Here. 

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