Eureka has been releasing some exceptional grinders over the last few years, two particular makes received well in the Australian market are the Atom and Mignon range.

This is because Eureka has heavily invested in their product development ensuring the fine line between home office coffee drinkers and baristas is met. Something many brands simply do not cater for.  

Some of the exciting products coming into the Australian market shortly are:

  • Atom Pro – Featuring a new redesigned 75mm burrs , 920 W motor upgrade, improved cooling capabilities , simpler grind adjustment and all come standard with ‘blow up’ hopper.
  • Atom Specialty 75 - Larger 75mm burrs whilst retaining Eureka’s Atom standard features.
  • Nadir 65 – Boasting a huge 1350 rpm motor with 65mm burrs the Nadir is capable of producing up to 2.2 grams of coffee per second.

 What the mignon was lacking was the gap in the filter press market, with many consumers requesting filter brew friendly mignons, you now have the options of:   

  • Mignon Filtro – Suitable for drip & French press coffee. These grinders are less suited for espresso with no microswitch or adjustable time constraints. These come standard with ACE system , stepless micrometric regulation system & “high speed maintenance”
  • Mignon Crono –Similar to the filtro, instead the crono has an adjustable timer ranging from 5 to 60 seconds. Suitable for turco , moka, French press and filter brew. With grounds being dropped into a perfectly moulded container.
  • Mignon Brew Pro – Definitely the top of the range in the mignon filter brew section, featuring the responsive touch screen (2 doses & continues), 55mm brew specific burrs, silent technology & ACE system.

For us a big upside of the mignon range is just how quite the actual grinder is, compared to similar alternatives in the marketplace. Grinders also come equipped with either 50 or 55mm hardened stainless steel flat burrs, by using the Eureka’s anti-clumping system, grounds are consistent and aren’t clumped together caused by static.

Service Sphere is the only master importer Australia wide for Eureka grinders, we can special import any of the Eureka range and also offer expressions of interest.

Eureka Atom Pro Black


Atom Specifications: 

  Pro   Specialty 75   Nadir 65           
Blade Speed (R.P.M)  1400  1400  1350          
Net Weight (Kg)  12   9.5 10           
Bean Hopper Capacity (Kg)  0.3  1.4  1.2           
Blade Diameter (MM) 75  75 65           
 Dimensions (H X W X D CM)    47 x 18 x 45    57 X 18 X22.7  56 X 23 X 26.5           

Mignon Specifications: 

  Filtro   Crono  Brew Pro          
Blade Speed (R.P.M) 1350 1350 1350          
Net Weight (Kg)  5.6 5.6 5.6           
Bean Hopper Capacity (Kg)  0.3  0.3 0.3          
Blade Diameter (MM) 50 50 55 (Brew Specific)           
Dimensions (H X W X D CM)   35 x 12 x 19   35 x 12 X 19  56 X 23 X 26.5