Recently we explored the resurgence in the commercial bulk brew sector and how our partners at Bravilor Bonamat are an industry leader within the marketplace for bulk brew solutions.

Following up on that, Service Sphere hosted the Bravilor Bonamat team n Melbourne. We invited some of our key customers out and had two days of thorough technical training on the Bravilor equipment range.

On the first day, bravilor took our factory trained technicians through the specifications and servicing capabilities of their range. Namely the popular Aurora, B-Series and THa Thermal Brewers, often being used in function halls, catering centres and event spaces.

The second day our sales team discussed Bravilor’s research and development - exploring some of the current and upcoming equipment options they are offering. What we like about this manufacturer is the consistent high quality machines they produce; even in the busiest of environments, these machines perform flawlessly.

Should you wish to find out more about bulk brewing coffee machines please contact us on (03) 9322 4788 or contact us here.

 Bravilor Visit.png