Super T’s explained.


        What is a Super T and how does it work? In Global Coffee Reports recent article, Kamal Bengougam decipher how the rise of the super T is finally, challenging the traditional manual barista operated machines. Mercedes finally has some competition, not from Ferrari, but a new competitor, Eversys.

        The constant struggle and tweaking of in home and professional manual machines allow room for variability and inconsistency within coffee making. In a professional setting, inconsistent coffee, is the worst nightmare. Whether the extraction is varied, steam wand can’t be trusted or irregular water dispensing on your traditional coffees. There is a lot of variables that go into the perfect cup of coffee.

         Traditionally, coffee drinkers and makers, trusted the traditional machines over automatic. Opting for ‘craftmanship and conversation’ but now, in the recent Global Coffee Report Bengougam says the industry is on the verge of a power shift in favour of automation.  Kamal Bengougam, one of the founders of Eversys believes we will see more and more “Super Ts” in commercial and domestic spaces in the not too distant future.

         But what is a Super T? and what is so special about them? Super T ,or Super Traditional, machines is a brand-new market segment, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional and automatic machines. Often, attempting to stem the previous hesitation with automatic machines. Where-as traditional manual machines require high levels of skill and know how, in order to create the ideal coffee. That’s where the Super T steps in. Bridging the gap between efficiency and craft. Enabling consistent cups of coffee and the sense of artistry normally associated with manual machines.

        The Eversys Cameo, first and foremost, is a sexy machine. Its sleek, and refined. A real professional set-up that will instantly be an eyecatcher in any establishment. The Eversys Cameo can be programmed and calibrated to create a vast range of coffees exactly how you like it. The easy to use interface allows for industry leaders adaptability and usability. Allowing our techs and coffee specialists to tailor the Cameo to customer’s needs.

        The Eversys Cameo is adaptable in its hardware configuration also. Upon order, the customer has the ability to tailor to their needs. Milk can be dispensed straight from the group head, much like many bean to cup machines. It also has to the capability to be configured with an Everfoam wand, where milk placed in a jug is heated and frothed to pre-programed heat and aeration settings. Finally, a new bit of tech to the cameo, is the 1.5-milk automatic steam wand; the wand dispenses the milk pre-steamed ready to be accompanied by the perfect espresso pour.

        This machine is the real deal. “There is a new Ferrari in the market” Bengougam says in Global Coffee Reports article. Bengougam goes on to say “It’ll continue to test the future of customer service, coffee quality, and consumer expectation, but the thing that really transforms this landscape, is that well-made coffee is no longer an exclusively hand-made product.” An interesting space to watch closely. We certainly will be.

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