The revolution of the naked filter handles - with many popular manufacturers including LaCimbaliECM both offering genuine bottomless portafilters, we thought we would cover what exactly these are and how they are in fact beneficial to making coffee.

Although they have been around for a while, we are steadily seeing an increase in both baristas and home users requesting naked (or bottomless) portafilters after we service their machines.

Firstly, what is a bottomless portafilter?

The simplest explanation of a bottomless portafilter is well and truly as the name describes. The spouts and base are removed from the handle leaving the filter basket exposed as the base.

Just before your coffee is in the cup your coffee group handle is exposed to the hot water and the extraction of coffee flavours occur. Traditionally, the coffee liquid would flow throw the spouts and into the cup.  

By exposing the basket instead of a single or double spout barista are able to easily watch the whole coffee extraction instead of the delay associated with the coffee dripping out of the filter, through the spouts and finally into the cup.

This is particularly useful when looking for issues such as uneven extraction or calibrating a Puqpress’ tamping pressure. When watching the coffee extract if the coffee ‘channels’ or does not have a dark brown colour at the beginning of extraction then you are able to easily diagnose the cause and effect.

Over time, you will start seeing more cafes moving away from the use of the ‘traditional’ spouted coffee group handles to these bottomless handles.