Now more than ever is the perfect time to get your coffee machine serviced for home – with complimentary pick up and return, why not trust our qualified Service Department to ensure your machine is in tip top shape!

Our team of Factory Training Technicians are equipped to deal with a vast array of machines. Some of the popular brands we are able to service include Astoria, Braun, Casadio, De’Longhi, ECM, Eureka, Rocket Giotto, Kenwood, LaCimbali, La Pavoni, Phillips, Rancilio and Saeco.

So why service your coffee machine?

When your coffee machine hasn’t been serviced in a while, there may be internal components which are worn and may be affecting the flavour of your coffee, for example:

  • Your grinder blades may be worn
  • There may be internal leaks or blockages, caused by worn o-rings and general wear and tear
  • Internal scale build-up due to the water being used in your coffee machine

There are many long-term benefits of servicing your coffee machine regularly, rather than waiting for issues to arise, including:

  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Superior and consistent in cup quality
  • Decreased cost of replacement equipment or longer life of the equipment
  • Decreased maintenance downtime
  • More efficient use of your money and the ability to budget for service
  • Increased satisfaction – the feeling of service

We can ensure the equipment is returned promptly to our customers in perfect working order, ready for the second half of this year!

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