In the latest issue of Global Coffee Review Kamal Bengougam, Eversys Chief Commercial Officer, discusses the latest innovative product to join the Eversys family - the Enigma.

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The new E’line, now called ‘Enigma’, has the official slogan of ‘Decoding the DNA of Coffee’. Eversys established the original E’line in 2012, which was the market’s first taste of Eversys’ commitment to super automatic machines that performed like traditional models. Eight years on, Alexandre Rossier, Head of Design at Eversys, says the time was right to update the E’line with the introduction of new technologies and improved design to meet current market needs and trends.

Enigma concentrates on compelling aesthetics coupled with in cup quality and consistency, designed to express the true origin of coffee, inspired by Eversys’ imperative to stay true to its company values, its vision and its customers.

So what's improved?

Designed to be authentic and timeless, the new Enigma line includes:

  • The E’4, modelled on a two-group espresso machine; the Shotmaster, a slim unit with two coffee dispensing outlets; and the Shotmaster Pro with two dispensing outlets
  • Integrated 1.5-Step milk texturing capability
  • Side module accessory options, including E’choco with two powder canisters, E’fridge with a nine-litre capacity, and an E’cup heater with a four-heating-plates.
  • A 10.1-inches (25.6 centimetres) with a higher resolution and wider viewing angle to make product selection easier. It also allows videos to run thanks to a more powerful central processing unit, run on a Linux platform.
  • A brand new coffee outlet design, that bridges the look of a conventional machine with a super traditional model.
  • An aesthetic upgrade:
    • Available in two versions: Tempest and Earth.
    • With side panels in natural aluminium and copper colour, respectively.
    • The top of the machine and the drip trays are made of resistant stainless steel.
    • The bean hoppers and cup guards have darker hues, and the front of the machine evokes a black, glossy finish.
    • A light cup guard helps reduce the machine’s perceived height, while the coffee outlet is designed with better ergonomics and haptics.

The Classic design represents an evolution from the previous E’line whilst the Super Traditional version is a true revolution, a design created to appeal to the most discerning of barista, people seeking to leverage technology to enable them to be more creative, consistent and productive. See the Eversys Enigma price here.

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