LaCimbali: From Tradition to Innovation

Italian manufacturer LaCimbali has been established for over 100 years and is the largest manufacturer of coffee machines in the world. With a 25% global market share, the company is renowned for the elegance, reliability, and high performance within their traditional and bean-to-cup coffee machines. In addition, LaCimbali has been incorporating new and innovative technologies which have resulted in a consistent delivery of the finest quality of espresso coffee.

LaCimbali Advantages

Smart Boiler Technology

When your coffee machine is undergoing intensive use, Smart Boiler Technology makes it possible to have a constant maximum steam and water supply. The technology acts by constantly injecting cold water into the boiler so the temperature is always consistent and there is no lost recovery time. By avoiding large boiler refills, it allows for high performance and consistency during peak periods

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Thermodrive is LaCimbali's patented system that achieves ideal thermal stability within their traditional coffee machines. By setting up the individual temperatures for each of the machine's groups, it allows you to set the boiler pressure high without compromising espresso quality with high group head temperatures.

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Telemetry allows for data to be communicated via a remote monitoring system that oversees the activity of your coffee machine. By taking advantage of the telemetry technology, monitoring your machine’s functions and performance has never been easier. A connection to a Wi-Fi link between a remote device and your LaCimbali coffee machine, will act as a platform where you can oversee all raw data transferred, whether it be recorded hourly, daily or monthly.

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Ruveco Teck

All LaCimbali coffee machine components, which come into contact with water and steam, undergo the Ruveco Teck certified coating process which reduces the risk of release of lead into delivered beverages. This is a patented technology.


LaCimbali machines are N.S.F. certified products. All N.S.F. certified products ensure that the components and materials, that are intended to come into contact with food and/or drinking water, are verified that they meet public health and safety standards. This certification is recognised by regulatory agencies at local, state, federal and international levels, the NSF certification mark means that the product complies with all standard requirements.

Espresso Italiano

In order to be a certified Espresso Italiano piece of equipment, the machine must meet the specific criteria; it must use qualifying technology and techniques that result in the “original Italian espresso.” The machine must also be made and manufactured in Italy.

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