LaCimbali Turbosteam is a patented device that enables users to froth milk automatically, achieving the standards of a professional barista. The result is a consistent, creamy foam.

Users have the option to set up to four different milk recipes as well as the ability to select both the temperature and frothing levels for each. 

Benefits of the LaCimbali Turbosteam:

  • Superior and Consistent Quality
  • Optimal Serving Time
  • Zero Waste
  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
  • Reliable

Milk quality, quantity and temperature can be kept constant; while the wand is doing its job automatically, the baristsa has their hands free to do other things, considerably saving time and speeding up service. Minimal waste is also possible as even small amounts of milk can be easily frothed.

LaCimbali Turbosteam also provides easy maintenance as the end section of the wand can be changed without the help of a technician. It is both easy to clean and replace if needed. It also boasts cold touch technology, as the wand is coated with a silicon-based material to prevent any manual contact with hot parts of the device ensuring safety.

The LaCimbali Turbosteam is currently a feature of the M34, M100, and S30 models by LaCimbali, making the feature available for both traditional and super automatic machines.

To request a demonstration of these features contact a Service Sphere representative here.