The Service Sphere team had the opportunity to attend the Griffiths Bro’s #HackoffeeThon this month!

Hosted by Griffiths Bros Coffee Roasters, the HackoffeeThon event aimed to bring together like-minded people to share their knowledge, ideas, skills, experience and insights they have gained through exposure to the coffee industry.

Griffiths Bros, one of Australia’s oldest coffee roasters, has a passion to see the coffee and digital technology worlds come closer, and so the HackoffeeThon event was created for just this reason. The event focused on the benefits that could occur within the coffee world as a result of utilising new and disruptive thinking from minds outside of the industry.

Held at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre in Mulgrave, the Hack lasted two days, from Friday the 13th to Saturday the 14th of October. It kicked off with an address made by Tesla’s Sales and Marketing Manager whom gave great insight into one of the world’s leading tech companies and the innovations they are implementing into their business to ensure their company continues to grow within the ever-changing market.

The event showcased some new digital technologies that could aid in creating solutions to some of the challenges facing the coffee industry. Robotics start-up Exaptec, even brought along one of their Service Robots, named Amy, to get the ideas flowing.

The main event created a space for teams to come up with concepts and plans that were focused on creating solutions for coffee industry-related issues. Teams then pitched their ideas to a panel of judges the next day. Congratulations to all competing teams and to the winning team from UncleJoesCoffee!

Overall the Service Sphere Team had the great opportunity to gain insight into the up-and-coming technologies of the future. We’re excited to hear more of what’s to come in the coffee industry!