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Bravilor Bonamat is a family business founded over 65 years ago. The company's innovative ideas, advanced technology, quality and in-house production are their core business values and have led to their continued success.  Today Bravilor Bonamat develops, manufactures and supplies a large range of beverage machines, focusing on coffee specialties and hot water.

Service Sphere are proud to be the authorised importer of Barvilor in Australia with the back up of factory trained technicians. 

All Bravilor items are available as special orders, upon request* 


Bravilor Product Range

Quick Filter.jpg

Quick Filter Machines

The quick filter machines range includes various machines and offers the possibility to quickly and simply make delicious coffee at any location.  High-quality stainless steel combined with black accents give the machine a modern look.  The operation with LED lighting, stainless steel filter pan (Novo/Iso plastic filter pan) and the integral hot plates make the machines easy to use.


Thermal Brewer.jpg

Thermal Brewers

The Thermal Brewer Aurora brews filter coffee according to the SCAE Gold Cup standard ensuring a high quality cup of coffee.  The filter coffee is directly available from the free-standing dispenser, serving up to 5.7 litres.  The Aurora is suitable for any location, but especially for locations where many people come and go all day ordering a quick cuppa or to-go filter coffee, such as self-serve locations, coffee (specialty) shops and convenience stores.


Round Filters.jpg

Round Filter Machines

The Round Filter Bulk brewers ae ideal for locations with water connection requiring large quantities of coffee in little time.  The machines brew large quantities of coffee into separate containers.  Equipped with digital display, total and day counters, descale system, coffee-is-ready signal, built-in timer and optimum security provisions.  Including container(s) type VHG, filter unit(s) and drip-tray.




The high-quality accessories of Bravilor Bonamat complete your coffee experience.  Have a look at the various accessories, for easy maintenance, to store your supplies or to keep your hot beverages warm!


*4-6 week lead time on Bravilor range