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Introducing PuqPress, the world's first automatic coffee tamper.  Designed and manufacturer in The Netherlands, PuqPress compresses ground coffee with perfect pressure and level tamp every time.  The PuqPress revolutionises manual tamping to ensure coffee is always pressed with precisely the right amount of pressure; so no matter which barista makes coffee, tamping or dropped shots will be issues of the past.  With highly sophisticated grinders and espresso machines, to regulate the art of the perfect coffee, why run the risk by tamping manually?


PuqPress Range


PuqPress Automatic Tamper

• Adjustable height for different types of portafilters
• Clean mode for easy cleaning
• 1 year guarantee



PuqPress Automatic Tamper Q2

• Nano non-stick tamp head to reduce coffee build up
• Advanced stiffer frame provides further precision and life span
• New easy adjustment wheel simplifies correct setup