Looking for one of the ultimate super automatic coffee machines?

If the answer is yes look no further then Eversys e range. Now with the updated software and looks including led backlighting the e series are an incredibly capable and aesthetically pleasing machine. You can easily find other machines in the super auto marketplace cheaper but these often come at trade off of incup quality and reliability.  This has become a crucial turning point for Service Sphere were customers are looking for a quality brand offering reliable equipment options.

What does it solve?

Considering every Australian enjoys an average of 1.92 kilograms of coffee per annum, consumers are now more than ever after a quality cup of coffee. The trade off is some of us do not have the luxury of barista’s making a great cup. So many of us are left in the lurch either drinking instant or going out of our way to find good coffee. This isn’t the case with the Eversys E range, now even a drive through coffee shop with inexperienced staff or no barista can have a great coffee.

What features does the e series have?

All of the equipment Eversys manufactures are designed in a modular fashion.  They include a Brewing, Hydraulic Grinding & Steam module, were each can be removed and refitted with minimal effort ensuring ease of maintenance, and no downtime when servicing. Boasting a whopping 350 espresso per hour or 250 + milk based drinks depending on the cup size, the e’4m is capable of making 4 beverages at a time and you can add on other features including:

  • E’foam: The steam wand can now be used to create a frothed milk at the touch of the screen.
  • Under Counter Grounds Chute: Suitable within high output locations, where maintenance is not conducted daily the used grounds will be emptied into a draw.
  • Bean Hopper Lock: Locks the hopper preventing tampering, ideal for remote locations.
  • Credit Card System: Now the e’4m machines can come with a payment system requiring credit card payment to dispense beverages.
  • Decaffeinated Chute: Separate chute dedicated to decaf coffee, instead of loosing a larger hopper to decaf.

Ideal for customers?

Coffee is a staple for many of us and some of us, including my self struggle to get through the daily grind of life without it. On occasions I do choose a barista because I love the interaction but what about the times when I am not able to find one or simply can’t be bothered?

Sure I can use the kettle and some instant coffee but why would I? I work in an office environment and employees are now expecting a quality coffee machine within their workplace or are shelling out on average $4.12 for a cup in Melbourne.

Where I see the Eversys in an Australian market include drive through coffee kiosks, busy cafes, car dealerships, catering venues and high end firms. That’s only now, give automation some more time and you will be seeing these in specialty cafes replacing baristas and in office spaces replacing the tired pod machine or the instant coffee container and kettle.

Final Words

List price begins at $19000 and gradually increases once you option different features.  What really differentiates these machines from other market rivalry is the in cup quality of these machines and the quality parts found inside of them.

Service Sphere is Australia’s master importer of the Eversys range, should you require further information, or a demonstration you can contact our sales department Here.