If data isn't your thing that's fine, you can also do a lot more with telemtry then punch numbers.

Telemetry, allows for coffee machines functions and performance to be monitored via an active internet connection.  What this allows is employers and technicians to remotely review key data previously not available including vend and service counts, error logs and dose settings without psychically attending the site in real time.

Machine maintenance is incredibly important for any café, by introducing telemetry you can monitor consumption, total vends counts and error logs. Technicians are able to review the machines statistics including error codes, coffee histograms, coffee counters, cleaning cycles, service history and previous performance history. What this does is allow for a suitable time for a preventative maintenance to occur.

LaCimbali has a total café barista package all of which is in place to assist the barista creating the best coffee they can. The hidden benefit of this is a busy barista is able to minimse a stressful work load and attend to other tasks. 

With each cup of coffee that runs through a Gruppo Cimbali coffee machine, data is created such as ; how often is a drink ordered, at what time do people most often drink cappuccino and when are the peak times for your business. By having telemetry within your cafe you are able to have these numbers and facts at the touch of a button. 

But what about the total one stop package? LaCimbali has a whole line of super automatic machines in their range. These machines are suitable for factories, office spaces and high-end locations. By having telemetry, these venues who often have untrained operators simply do not understand these machines.  Technicians or even users, can remotely access the machine via an internet connection and modify machine settings and dispensing parameters. This is useful when diagnosing issues without requiring a technician call out.

As a business owner, knowledge is key. By monitoring your machines, you are able to factor in maintenance, adjust coffee orders, hire more staff and even review your machines overall performance. Within a high paced environment, we now live in, these key features can help your business stay on top.