Some of the common parts we find that often require replacing  

Service Sphere has always been an advocate of the use of genuine spare parts. Simply look at our parts department, we stock over 50,000 genuine spare parts in one location. All categorised into brands and models including Astoria, De’Longhi, Eureka, Eversys, Expobar, LaMarzocco, LaCimbali, Mazzer, Rancilio, Slayer , Wega and many more.

More often than not we hear of issues with coffee equipment, causing people thousands of dollars in parts, labour and lost customers, due to machine down time. So to save you the heartbreak and sorrow, after years of experience and technical call outs, we have compiled some of the most common parts which may require replacement.

  • Group Head Seal : These seals are found in the group head of the machine, ensuring a water tight connection occurs between the group handle & the group head. The most common reason these group seals fail is due to wear and tear. We recommend changing these every 6 months at the cost of a few dollars.
  • Shower Screens: The role of the screen is to disperse the water from the group head in a consistent pattern, the reason these are so important is firstly without this component, water would not travel at a desired angle through the puck causing inconsistent taste & a large degree of wasted coffee grounds.   9 times out of 10, when a group head seal is changed, these shower screens split, so it is recommended to change these at the same time.  Also, shower screen regularly become blocked up with coffee grounds & oils excreted from the coffee grounds.
  • Filter Baskets: These are basically what hold your coffee grounds in place & are an important part required for a great tasting coffee. Baskets can vary in size & filter type, however over time you may find they become old and worn out.  It is recommended to keep a few spares. 
  • Grinder Blades / Burrs : Coffee beans don’t magically become the great textured grounds we are used to. Your coffee grinder works very hard to ensure you have consistent grounds. Overtime what happens is the grinder blades, or burrs depending on your machine, wear out and you will end up “milling” instead of grinding coffee.

Service Sphere have factory trained parts interpreters and comprehensive information to ensure you receive the correct component. Should you require parts for your coffee equipment, feel free to contact us by Clicking Here.
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