Types of grinder blades

This month we are focusing on the extensive range Eureka Grinders has to offer including the Mignon range, Atom range with the new Atom 65.

Although we are focusing on Eureka grinders, there are other manufacturers including Ditting , Eureka, Fiorenzato and Mazzer which use similar blades.

What some people may not know is the different types of blades readily available in the Eureka range and how to identify the size of the blades.

  • Conical Blades, shaped similar to a cone sit closely inside one another. The coffee beans move between both of these burs and slice through the bean.


  • Flat Burr Blades, A ‘flat’ type of blade, sitting parallel to one another while the coffee beans travel between them.


Grinder Blade Material:

Hardened Steel: These are the most common types of blades found within a grinder, they are the standard with most grinder makes and models. These are used as an all-rounder for grind efficiency and cost effectiveness.  


Ceramic: These are a great alternative to metallic blades. However, one issue with these blades are they don’t do well with blunt impact or foreign objects such as a hopper screw. If these come into contact with a foreign object during grinding expect them to break or shatter (As pictured below).


Titanium: As the title suggest, made of titanium these blades have a far longer lifespan than the standard hardened steel blades and don’t heat soak as quickly. The down side of these blades is they are more expensive than the standard steel option.


Red Speed: These blades are a combination of titanium and aluminium, they are intended for high volume accounts and have an extend grinding life, red speed blades are also far more resistant to heat soaking.


Hopefully, by now you have a far more in depth understanding of the coffee grinder blades, to help choose, which is the best for you. Some of the grinders we would highly recommend within this range are the Mignon range for the home or office coffee user and the Atom range within the Café sector.

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