What’s UP?! Introducing the new LaCimbali M23UP

Service Sphere is excited to announce the arrival of the M23UP into Australian shores. Providing our team with the opportunity to run the M23UP through its paces. The M23UP has been exposed to our full evaluation process, where our team of technicians, attempt to expose the M23UP and see what the machine is capable of. All machines that arrive into our service department are subject to this process, allowing us to discover the intricacies of the machine. LaCimbali have chosen to release this brand-new line to replace the M27. Our team discovered some interesting key differences between the M27 and the M23UP.

Ergonomic - LaCimbali have aimed to make this machine simple and easy to use, focusing their attention on the finer details to improve the barista experience. From the hot water economiser, to the barista lights, the M23UP functionality is a vast improvement on the current M27.

Aesthetics - LaCimbali have really made an effort in this area for the M23UP. The matte panel finish is refined and eye catching, as well as making considerations for customisation, particularly on the back of the machine. The buttons with red light backing draws you in, whilst being extremely functional.

Barista Lights – The barista lights are built into every M23UP. These sit under the group heads and give the user a well-lit working space. So, when the coffee is extracted the barista is able to better see in the cup and notice any inconsistencies with the pour. Another one of those finer details LaCimbali have chosen to focus on in this release.

Installation – A massive plus we noticed is how easy it is to install. After unboxing the machine, it took one of our technicians less than 20 minutes to set this baby up. With a very uncomplicated set-up, the whole process is simplified. The machine is light, making it easy to lift and manoeuvre. Allowing our techs to get you up and running quicker.

3 Group High Cup – LaCimbali have made the M23UP in a 2-group high group AND 3-group high group model. This addition makes it flexible to the needs of the individual and their business. The M27 was not offered in a 3-group model.

In addition to these key takeaways LaCimbali have not forgotten the most important thing, the in-cup quality. Making the decision to focus on the finer details in this release, attempting to satisfy the barista experience and create brand loyalty amongst those individuals who are actually using the machine. LaCimbali’s patented Reveco Tech present in the machine, making the M23UP one of the most reliable, simple and sturdy machines on the market.

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