Product Review - DeLonghi Water Filter vs DeLonghi SoftBalls

Traditional water filtration solutions for coffee machines is often a task clouded with confusion and the unknown; many customers usually don’t understand how to use them, or when and how to change them over.  DeLonghi has understood this is a pain point for their consumers, as they are usually faced with:

  • Airlocks being created when the water filters are not installed correctly, in turn making their coffee machine un-operational
  • Confusion of when it’s time to change the water filter over, as there is no indication of when the water limit has been reached

Our servicing team frequently see machines come through with faults caused by the consumers lack of understand of water filtration. They come accompanied by a very frustrated owner, unaware of the simple issue currently occurring in their machine. They are generally a simple fix and once our technicians take time to analyse the issue, the machine is operational a short time later.

TIP: To correct an airlock follow this procedure:

  1. Ensure your DeLonghi water tank is full and the traditional water filter it installed.
  2. Run the hot water function through the water wand until the water flows consistently.
  3. The noise will stop and will return to the regular sound of the vibrating pump.

Introducing the solution to solve all problems – DeLonghi Softballs.  Softballs Anti-Limescale Spheres are the latest piece of innovation from DeLonghi which simplifies the water filtration process for users.  SoftBalls, the Anti-Limescale Spheres, are set to challenge the position of traditional water filters equipped in most DeLonghi tanked coffee machines.  DeLonghi have come to the realisation that the traditional filters create too much fuss and confusion for customers.  They have released this simplified water filtration to address this issue to eliminate the risk of airlocks, whilst also minimizing the potential for your coffee machine to developing limescale. 

Another advantage to the DeLonghi Softballs Anti-Limescale Spheres is reduction in costs.  Whilst traditional water filters sit at around $30, the Softballs are conveniently priced at $17.17. 

Traditional water filters are difficult to know when they need to be replaced or are expired.  SoftBalls have a three-month life span, making it easier to keep track of its lifespan, as well as being easy to install and easy to replace.  All it takes is putting the filtered bag of softballs in the water tank directly following a descale, three months remove and replace. The Softballs show that DeLonghi have been listening to consumer needs and have provided an answer.

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