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The ECM Technika V Profi PID is a high-end semi-automatic espresso machine that is designed for home or office use. It is made in Germany and features a heat exchanger system, PID temperature control, and a quiet rotary pump. The Technika Profi V PID is capable of making barista-quality espresso, steamed milk, and hot water. 


Who are ECM?

ECM's origins trace back 25 years to founder Wolfgang Hauck's vision, partnered with ECM S.p.A from Italy. Their goal was to craft heat exchanger espresso machines for luxury homes. Hauck's extensive experience importing esteemed Italian brands like Gaggia, Cimbali, Pavoni, Quick, and Vibiemme, coupled with his aspiration to create durable, top-notch espresso machines using proven professional technology components, led him to materialise his dream in 1996. This marked the debut of ECM's product line, starting with the enduringly popular "ECM Technika" model.


Features of the ECM Technika V Profi

  • Heat exchanger system: The heat exchanger system allows you to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time.
  • PID temperature control: PID temperature control allows you to precisely control the water temperature for brewing the perfect espresso.
  • Quiet and powerful rotary pump: The rotary pump is quiet and produces consistent pressure for consistent results.
  • E61 group head: The E61 group head is a commercial-grade group head that is known for its temperature stability and consistent extraction.
  • Stainless steel boiler: The stainless steel boiler is durable and easy to clean.
  • Pressure gauge: The pressure gauge allows you to monitor the brewing pressure and make sure that it is within the ideal range.
  • Shot timer: The shot timer helps you to keep track of the brewing time for your espresso.


Heat Exchanger System

Heat exchange boiler espresso machines often don't receive as much spotlight as their fancier dual boiler counterparts. However, for many in the prosumer market, a heat exchanger fulfils all requirements while also saving a substantial amount of money.

In the most recent version of Technika, the addition of a PID controller enhances its competitiveness compared to more expensive models. Continue reading to discover the other new features the Technika V offers and determine if it's the ideal choice for you.


ECM Technika V


PID Controller 

The ECM Technika V also comes with a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) temperature controller which is an advanced system that maintains a set temperature in the boiler by continuously adjusting heating elements based on the difference between the desired temperature and the actual temperature.

It calculates immediate, past, and predicted changes in temperature to regulate heating, ensuring precise and stable temperature control. In applications like espresso machines, it's crucial to extract optimal flavours from coffee grounds, impacting the taste and quality of the brewed espresso shot.

The inclusion of the PID controller sets the new Technika V apart as one of the top-tier heat exchanger espresso machines in its category similar to to Faema’s Faemina, a feature lacking in many other models.


E61 group head

The E61 group head offers several advantages in espresso brewing. Its consistent heat distribution ensures stable temperatures for better extraction, enhancing the flavour profile of the espresso. The design allows pre-infusion, gently saturating the coffee grounds before extraction for improved taste and aroma. Its reliability and widespread use in espresso machines make it a trusted and familiar component for both enthusiasts and baristas, contributing to consistent and quality espresso shots.


Rotary Pump

The rotary pump in the ECM Technika V provides several advantages. It operates quietly compared to vibratory pumps, ensuring a more pleasant and noise-free environment. Its ability to deliver consistent and adjustable pressure contributes to precise espresso extraction, allowing for better flavour development.  

Rotary pumps also offer longevity and reliability, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring consistent performance over time. Additionally, they allow for direct water line connection, eliminating the need for manual refills, and making them suitable for high-demand settings like offices, homes or even some commercial establishments.


Build Quality 

ECM espresso machines have a reputation for exceptional build quality, consistently outperforming other brands in reviews. Despite the price tag, consumers continue to favour ECM espresso machines due to their longevity, minimal repair needs, and distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Upon initial inspection, the casing's quality is immediately apparent. The mirror finish is flawlessly glossy, and the curved edges are smooth and consistently radiused. Even areas typically overlooked, like the drip tray's underside, receive meticulous attention to detail. The PID display's subtle silver hue seamlessly blends into the casing, maintaining the classic design aesthetic.

Chrome accents on the levers and portafilters add a touch of elegance. Additionally, the Technika V now comes with a premium stainless steel tamper, a significant upgrade from the Technika IV.


Pressure Gauge

The ECM Technika V comes equipped with dual pressure gauges: one for the pump pressure and one for the boiler pressure. The pump pressure gauge indicates the pressure that the pump is generating to force water through the coffee grounds. 

The boiler pressure gauge indicates the pressure of the water in the boiler. The pressure gauges on this model are also larger than in some of the previous models and are set at a perfect viewing level.


Shot Timer

The ECM Technika V has a built-in shot timer that is located on the PID display. The shot timer is very easy to use and can be started and stopped by simply pressing the start/stop button. The shot timer is also very accurate and can be used to time shots to within a tenth of a second, a feature which you will learn to love.


Milk Frothing

The distinctive feature of ECM's espresso machines, cherished by many users, lies in their spring-loaded levers controlling steam and hot water, setting them apart from competitors' knob-based designs. While knobs allow gradual steam release, favoured by beginners, pros prefer the instant steam of the levers. 

The steam wand, equipped with a balanced 2-hole tip, harmonises well with the boiler's capacity, enabling extended steaming without frequent recovery pauses. While not reaching the supercharged level of the Synchronika, the Technika still boasts formidable steam power, particularly for those accustomed to standard home espresso machines.


Maintenance and Cleaning

ECM espresso machines are renowned for their user-friendly maintenance procedures. Their interior layout prioritises serviceability, ensuring that crucial components are easily accessible. Their employment of the widely used E61 brew group further simplifies maintenance, as skilled technicians and replacement parts are readily available and cost-effective.

The ECM Technika boasts several outstanding maintenance features that contribute to its exceptional longevity. Firstly, the PID display allows users to set a backflushing reminder for a set number of cycles. A backflush disc is also included, and it cleverly attaches to the back of the drip tray for convenient storage.

For those who utilise the Technika's water reservoir, an automatic warning system alerts users when the water level is low. If the warning goes unnoticed, a microprocessor automatically disconnects the power circuit, preventing the water reservoir from running dry. This safety feature effectively safeguards the machine from potential damage.

Additionally, the ECM Technika's rotary pump is accessible from the machine's exterior, eliminating the need to disassemble the machine for maintenance. This user-friendly design streamlines the descaling process, ensuring that the pump remains in optimal condition.

ECM Technika V Specifications




Power (Amp)


Rated Power (W)


Rated Voltage (V)


Boiler Capacity (L)


Water Tank Volume (L)




Steam Arms


Size (cm)

W 32 X D 47 X H 39

Weight (kg)
















Purchasing any ECM espresso machine assures exceptional craftsmanship and stunning visual appeal. The latest Technika version, featuring a PID, achieves impressive temperature stability akin to a dual boiler system, yet at a notably more affordable cost. This model presents a compelling compromise that might precisely fulfil your requirements!

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