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The Rancilio Silvia Pro X is a professional-grade espresso machine designed for home use, incorporating advanced features to deliver a high-quality espresso to your cup. With a sleek and classy stainless steel exterior, it exudes durability and elegance. This machine is an upgrade from its predecessor, the renowned Rancilio Silvia, featuring enhancements that cater to coffee enthusiasts' needs.

One of its standout features is the PID temperature control system, providing precise temperature stability for optimal espresso extraction. This technology allows users to fine-tune the temperature to achieve the desired flavour profile from their coffee beans.

The machine boasts a dual-boiler system, separating the boilers for brewing and steaming, ensuring consistent water temperature for both functions. This capability enables simultaneous brewing and milk steaming, a feature that is highly sought after by espresso lovers.

Moreover, the Rancilio Silvia Pro X incorporates a commercial-grade steam wand, allowing users to froth milk to the ideal texture for lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based drinks.

With its combination of advanced technology, durable construction, and professional-grade components, the Rancilio Silvia Pro X offers coffee enthusiasts the opportunity to create café-quality espresso beverages in the comfort of their homes.

Who is Rancilio?

Rancilio, an Italian company established in 1927, is renowned for its exquisite espresso machines that embody innovation, elegance, and unwavering performance. Founded by Roberto Rancilio, the company revolutionised the espresso industry with its groundbreaking designs and dedication to quality. Today, Rancilio remains a leading force, crafting professional and home espresso machines that are revered by passionate baristas and coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Features of the Rancilio Silvia Pro X


  • Dual boiler system: This ensures precise temperature control for both brewing and steaming, resulting in consistent espresso shots and perfectly frothed milk.
  • Variable soft infusion system: This pre-infuses coffee grounds before brewing to optimise extraction and deliver a richer, more flavourful espresso.
  • PID temperature control: This meticulously regulates water temperature, guaranteeing consistent espresso shots and perfectly frothed milk for lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Ergonomic 58mm portafilter: This is a standard size for professional espresso machines and is compatible with a wide range of accessories.
  • Stainless steel commercial-grade steaming wand: This effortlessly produces creamy, textured milk, transforming your espresso creations into barista-quality beverages.
  • Compact size: This makes it perfect for home use, fitting easily on most kitchen countertops. W 250mm X H 390mm X D 420mm. It also weighs a mere 20 kg. 


Dual Boiler System

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X features two independent boilers, insulated for optimal heat retention. The smaller 0.3L brass boiler, dedicated to brewing water, heats up in a mere 4 minutes, allowing you to quickly enjoy your espresso while the larger 1L steam boiler reaches its operating temperature. 

To achieve the ideal extraction pressure of 9 bars, Rancilio has equipped the machine with a vibration pump. This pressure is conveniently displayed on the small manometer located at the bottom left.

For energy-conscious users, the steam boiler can be independently switched off using the middle button on the left side of the machine. This feature proves particularly useful if you don't require steam for milk frothing or cappuccino preparation.

Variable Soft Infusion

The Silvia Pro X introduces a new feature called programmable soft infusion, enabling pre-infusion for 2-6 seconds during brewing. This occurs by opening the boiler valve before the pump starts, allowing the boiler's pressure to saturate the espresso puck. 

Pre-infusion ensures more uniform water saturation of the puck before brewing, resulting in a more even extraction and reduced likelihood of uneven flow. Additionally, it enhances aroma extraction and accentuates nuanced flavours present in your selected coffee.

What is Soft Infusion?

Soft infusion, also known as pre-infusion, is a technique used in espresso machines to gradually saturate the coffee grounds before applying full brewing pressure. This step aims to achieve even extraction and prevent channelling, where water takes the path of least resistance through the coffee puck, leading to under-extracted or over-extracted areas.

Soft infusion typically involves applying a low water pressure or using a slow ramp-up to full pressure. This allows the coffee grounds to expand and swell uniformly, ensuring that water evenly penetrates the puck and extracts the maximum flavour compounds.

The implementation of soft infusion varies among espresso machines, but the general principle remains the same: to gently prepare the coffee grounds for optimal extraction and produce a balanced, flavourful espresso shot.


PID Controller 

The Silvia Pro X also comes with a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) temperature controller which is an advanced system that maintains a set temperature in the boiler by continuously adjusting heating elements based on the difference between the desired temperature and the actual temperature.

It calculates immediate, past, and predicted changes in temperature to regulate heating, ensuring precise and stable temperature control. In applications like espresso machines, it's crucial to extract optimal flavours from coffee grounds, impacting the taste and quality of the brewed espresso shot. While the Silva Pro X doesn’t have a dedicated shot timer, the PID display doubles up as a shot timer while brewing, offering additional functionalities.

The inclusion of the PID controller sets the new Silva Pro X apart as one of the top-tier espresso machines in its category similar to to Faema’s Faemina, a feature lacking in many other models.


58mm Portafilter

The group head of the Silvia Pro shares similarities with the original Silvia and is crafted from durable brass. Designed to accommodate a 58mm Rancilio standard commercial portafilter, it ensures compatibility with various accessories.

Notably, the dispersion screen and portafilter gasket are both removable and replaceable, allowing for easy maintenance and customisation of brewing preferences.

Rancilio incorporates its standard commercial double spout portafilter design with an ergonomically crafted handle for comfortable use. The machine arrives with Rancilio's single and double commercial baskets. The double basket, capable of holding up to 16.5g of coffee, offers flexibility for achieving desired extraction levels and flavours.

Build Quality 

Upon seeing the Rancilio Silvia Pro X in person, its robust construction will immediately catch your attention. The sleek stainless steel exterior will add a touch of elegance to the kitchen where you set it up, and getting it started is fairly straightforward. 

What may surprise you, not evident in pictures, is its minuscule depth at 420mm. While it fits well on a counter, accessing the rear water reservoir under an upper cabinet might pose a challenge. However, the machine's depth offers a generous cup warming surface, accommodating several cups conveniently. Storing mugs there while the Silvia Pro X preheats ensures your brew goes into pleasantly warm cups, maintaining optimal temperature.

Another nice touch with this machine is the angled portafilter, simplifying tamping even without a dedicated station. Using the provided double spout portafilter and sturdy metal tamper. The tamper is made of high-quality steel eliminates the need for an upgrade often necessary with starter machines that provide plastic tampers.


Steam Wand

The machine comes with a four-hole full-rotation steam wand that has a small rubber grip to prevent you from being burned by the uninsulated wand.


Other features of the Rancilio Silvia Pro X

A standout feature not commonly found in many espresso machines is the automatic brew and steam boiler draining system integrated into the Silvia Pro X. This functionality proves particularly beneficial when moving or storing the machine for extended durations. Additionally, periodically flushing the steam boiler, facilitated by this feature, contributes to the machine's longevity.

Rancilio's meticulous attention to such details reflects a thoughtful approach aimed at optimising the Silvia Pro X's performance and lifespan. These considerations showcase Rancilio's dedication to engineering an espresso machine that operates at its best while ensuring ease of maintenance and care for its users.

Maintenance and Cleaning

There are not many hard-to-reach places with this machine which makes cleaning a breeze. The Rancilio Silvia Pro X simplifies machine maintenance with its convenient automated cleaning program. This program automatically dispenses water at intervals, eliminating the hassle of manual cleaning. To initiate the program, simply insert the blind filter along with the recommended cleaning agents. 

For thorough cleaning, it is recommended to run the program twice: once with the cleaning agents and then once with plain water to rinse the group head thoroughly.

This automated cleaning feature streamlines the maintenance process, ensuring that your Silvia Pro X remains in optimal condition with minimal effort. 

By incorporating this feature, Rancilio not only simplifies cleaning but also extends the lifespan of the machine, guaranteeing consistently high-quality espresso brewing experiences.


Rancilio Silvia Pro X Specifications



Dual Boiler Technology

Brewing Group


Brew Temperature Control


Rated Power (W)


Rated Voltage (V)


Steam Boiler Capacity (L)


Coffee Boiler (L)


Water Tank Volume (L)




Steam Arms


Size (cm)

W 25 X D 42 X H 39

Weight (kg)



Whether you're diving into the world of dual boiler espresso machines for the first time or seeking an upgrade from your current espresso machine, the Rancilio Silvia Pro X stands as an excellent choice. Boasting formidable steam power, a generously sized cup warming tray, and the versatility to brew using single or double baskets in the portafilter, this machine offers flexibility to tailor your brewing experience precisely to your preferences.

The Silvia Pro X caters to both newcomers and aficionados, delivering an impressive array of features that empower users to craft espresso just the way they desire. Its capabilities to generate robust steam, ample warming space, and adaptability with various basket options ensure a personalised and satisfying brewing journey. Whether it's your initial foray into advanced espresso machines or a quest for an enhanced brewing experience, the Silvia Pro X presents itself as a standout choice.


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