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Eversys Cameo C2M Tempest Everfoam 2 Milk

Eversys Cameo C2M Tempest Everfoam 2 Milk

Code: EYC2M1CEM2
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Eversys Cameo C2M Tempest Everfoam 2 Milk

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Eversys has developed a reputation for leading-edge quality, consistency, productivity, and connectivity. The market views Eversys’ espresso quality as compared to that produced by traditional equipment, which is praise indeed.

Now Eversys launched the next range of machines, getting closer to its quest to produce equipment that can truly rival tradition by adding visual harmony to the authenticity of products. The Cameo takes another step forward by enabling the barista to permeate each machine, infusing bespoke style as well as delivering amazing products.

Users can deliver Milk in 3 ways: 

  1. One step: This simple option gives the user the easiest coffee possible, put a cup underneath the group head and select your beverage. The Eversys Cameo will do the rest, milk dispenses from the head, in conjunction with the coffee.
  2. 1.5 step: Espresso will come out of the group head, this feature, is in our opinion the best option for consistency.  By using the 1.5 step feature, baristas are able to simply select the texture & desired temperature of the milk depending on the beverage type. The Cameo will pour the milk already at the optimal setting straight from the 1.5 step milk arm into the pitcher. This feature is great to reduce wastage whilst ensuring consistency
  3. Everfoam (e'Foam): The baristas are able to electronically adjust the aeration & temperature of the steam going into the milk jug in order to achieve the desired consistency with the possibility to create Latte art with the Manual steam wand, through the Micro Air Dosing (MAD) system.

Two different fresh milk options are available, allowing the option to select an exact amount of milk temperature & foam texture (EMT) delivered every time. Even more too this, Baristas are still able to work the Steam, giving them the opportunity to be creative with latte art at full control and consistency.

Power (Amp)  25
Voltage (V) 240
Espresso's Per Hour (23s extraction)  175
Milk Based Cups per Hour (120ml)  175
Auto-Steam Want Temperature Controlled  Yes
Brew Chambers 1 x 24g
Coffee Boiler (L) 0.8L
Steam Boiler (L)  1.6L
Bean Hoppers (Kg)  2 x 1.2
Size  W 430 x H 600 x D 580 mm
Net Weight (Kg) 63


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