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La Cimbali M200

Selecting the right espresso machine is a challenging task and a significant investment, no matter which model you ultimately choose.

Having spent countless hours working alongside café owners, we understand the complexities and challenges involved in finding the best commercial coffee machines that suit specific needs and budget constraints.

Acknowledging that not every café owner can afford the newest high-end models, this comprehensive guide is designed to help you balance essential features with cost-effectiveness. We aim to assist you in navigating through the options and getting one step closer to identifying the best commercial coffee machine for your business.

Before we dive into our carefully curated recommendations, it’s important to cover some fundamental concepts about the operation and capabilities of commercial coffee machines. This foundational knowledge will provide you with a better understanding of the key factors involved in your investment, ensuring that you make a well-informed decision when it comes to purchasing your machine.

From understanding the different types of espresso machines and their specific functionalities to considering factors like durability, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency, we aim to equip you with all the necessary information. This guide is tailored to help you make a choice that not only meets your immediate needs but also supports the long-term success of your café.

So, let’s embark on this journey together, starting with the essential basics, so you can confidently select a commercial coffee machine that will serve your business well for years to come.

Our commitment to helping you find the ideal espresso machine stems from our own love for coffee and our desire to see your business thrive. By sharing our knowledge and research, we hope to equip you with the tools and confidence to choose the best commercial coffee machine that will not only meet your immediate needs but also support the long-term growth and success of your café or coffeehouse.


1 La Cimbali M200 - High Performance Coffee Machine

Cost: $21,240 – $25,640. (2 group – 3 group)



La Cimbali M200

The La Cimbali M200 GT 2 Group stands out as a high-performance commercial espresso machine designed to meet the demands of busy cafés. This machine is lauded for its advanced technology and ergonomic design, which together ensure exceptional coffee quality and ease of use.

One of the most notable features of the M200 GT is its PID temperature control system. This technology allows for precise regulation of boiler temperatures, ensuring that each espresso shot is brewed at the optimal temperature. This level of control is crucial for maintaining consistency in coffee quality, particularly in high-demand environments.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with independent coffee boilers for each group. This design enhances temperature stability and allows baristas to fine-tune each brew, ensuring that every cup meets the highest standards of quality. This feature is particularly beneficial in settings where multiple beverages are prepared simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

Ergonomics and user-friendly design are also at the forefront of the M200 GT’s appeal. The adjustable worktop height and intuitive touch interface make the machine easy to operate. Moreover, features like slanted manual steam wands and soft-touch materials enhance usability, ensuring baristas can work comfortably and efficiently during peak hours.

To cater to high-traffic settings, the M200 GT incorporates smart boiler technology. This system optimises boiler efficiency, ensuring a constant supply of steam and hot water even during the busiest periods. Such reliability is vital for maintaining performance and ensuring customer satisfaction under heavy use​.

The M200 GT can also be customised to match the aesthetic of any café. Options for different lights and graphic designs on the rear and side panels make it not only a functional piece of equipment but also a stylish addition to the café environment. This level of customisation allows cafés to create a unique and appealing atmosphere for their customers.

Precision tools such as digital shot timers and dedicated scales further enhance the machine’s appeal. These features help maintain consistent espresso shots and understand the relationship between dose and yield, which is crucial for delivering high-quality coffee consistently, making it a top choice when searching for the best commercial coffee machine in Australia.

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2 La Marzocco Linea Classic - Most Popular Commercial Coffee Machine

Cost: $12,950 – $18,000. (2 group – 4 group)


La Marzocco Linea Classic

The La Marzocco Linea Classic is an iconic commercial espresso machine renowned for its reliability, durability, and consistent performance, making it a favourite among coffee professionals worldwide. This machine is ideal for coffee shops that require a robust and efficient machine capable of handling high volumes while delivering exceptional coffee quality.

One of the primary reasons to choose the Linea Classic is its dual boiler system. This feature allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming, ensuring that the machine can keep up with high demand without compromising on performance. Each boiler is dedicated to either brewing or steaming, maintaining optimal temperatures and improving overall efficiency. This system ensures that baristas can produce high-quality espresso and froth milk simultaneously, significantly speeding up the workflow.

The Linea Classic is also equipped with PID temperature control. This advanced feature provides precise temperature regulation, ensuring consistent brew temperatures and enhancing the flavour profile of each shot of espresso. Consistent temperature is crucial for achieving the perfect extraction, and the PID controller in the Linea Classic excels in maintaining this stability, making it a reliable choice for any busy café.

Durability and build quality are standout aspects of the Linea Classic. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, the machine is built to withstand the rigours of daily use in a commercial setting. Its robust construction ensures longevity, making it a sound investment for coffee shop owners. The reliability of the Linea Classic reduces downtime and maintenance costs, allowing café owners to focus on serving their customers.

The user-friendly design of the Linea Classic is another significant advantage. Its straightforward interface and ergonomic design make it easy for baristas to operate, even during peak hours. The machine’s intuitive layout ensures that baristas can quickly and efficiently prepare beverages, enhancing the overall customer experience. Additionally, the sleek and timeless design of the Linea Classic adds a touch of elegance to any café environment.

Versatility is another key feature of the Linea Classic. It is available in various configurations, including one, two, three, and four-group models, catering to different business sizes and needs. This flexibility allows café owners to choose a model that perfectly fits their operational requirements, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the café’s size making this one of the best commercial coffee machines on the market.


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3 La Marzocco KB90 - The Barista's Workhorse

Cost: $28,000 (2 group)


La Marzocco KB90


The La Marzocco KB90 is a state-of-the-art commercial coffee machine crafted to optimise efficiency and enhance workflow in bustling coffee shops. Its standout feature is the straight-in portafilter design, which allows baristas to insert the portafilter directly into the group head with minimal effort, significantly reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. This ergonomic enhancement not only boosts barista comfort but also accelerates service during peak hours.

Equipped with an automatic steam flush system, the KB90 cleans the group head with a burst of steam after each extraction. This innovation helps maintain cleanliness and ensures optimal brewing conditions, preserving the coffee's purity and quality. It also minimises the time needed for manual cleaning, further streamlining operations.

The KB90 features dual PID temperature control, which provides precise regulation of brewing water and steam temperatures. This consistency is crucial for achieving the perfect espresso extraction, enhancing the flavour profile of each shot. Independent boilers for each group maintain stable temperatures and enable simultaneous brewing and steaming, essential for high-volume environments.

The machine's design prioritises ergonomics and user-friendliness. In addition to the straight-in portafilter, it has an intuitive interface and strategically placed controls, making it easy for baristas to operate even during busy periods. These features aim to reduce physical strain and improve workflow efficiency, creating a more pleasant working environment.

La Marzocco's reputation for robust and reliable machines is upheld by the KB90, which is constructed from high-quality materials to endure the rigours of daily commercial use. Its durable build ensures longevity, making it a valuable investment for any coffee shop looking to enhance its service capabilities.

The KB90 also offers various customisation options to suit the aesthetic of any café. Different colour options and personalised design elements allow the machine to complement the café’s interior, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere for customers.


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4 La Marzocco Linea PB - High Volume Coffee Machine

Cost: $19,750 - $26,750 (2 group - 4 group)

La Marzocco Linea PB


The La Marzocco Linea PB is a superb choice for café owners and professional baristas who demand the highest standards of performance, consistency, and reliability. This commercial grade espresso machine is packed with advanced technology that ensures precision and efficiency. A standout feature is the dual PID temperature control system, which allows for the exact regulation of brewing water and steam temperatures, ensuring each espresso shot is extracted at the optimal temperature and enhancing the flavour profile and quality of the coffee.

Customisation options are extensive with the Linea PB. The machine offers the potential addition of integrated coffee scales in the drip tray, allowing for automatic workflow precision and consistent dosing and extraction. The adjustable group temperature and steam pressure enable baristas to tailor the machine's performance to specific coffee recipes and customer preferences.

The design of the Linea PB is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Its intuitive interface and robust construction make it easy to operate, even during busy periods. The clean, minimalist design is functional and visually appealing, providing a seamless experience for baristas of all skill levels.

An additional practical benefit is the machine's Eco Mode setting, which allows it to save energy during quieter periods. This feature reduces operating costs and supports sustainability efforts, making it an eco-friendly choice for businesses mindful of their environmental impact.

Durability and reliability are hallmarks of the Linea PB. Built with high-quality materials, it is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in a commercial setting. This robust build ensures longevity, making it a wise investment for any coffee shop. The machine's reliability reduces downtime and maintenance costs, allowing café owners to focus on delivering exceptional coffee to their customers.

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5 Eversys Cameo - Best All Round Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Cost: $27,720 (2 group)


Eversys Cameo

The Eversys Cameo is a premium super-automatic coffee machine designed to deliver barista-quality coffee with the convenience and efficiency of automation. Here’s why it stands out and is an excellent choice for various settings:

The Eversys Cameo is equipped with advanced features that ensure consistency and quality in every cup. One of its key attributes is the ability to self-monitor and self-calibrate its grinding, dosing, and tamping processes. This automation means the machine can produce espresso shots that rival those made by skilled baristas, ensuring top-notch coffee quality with minimal manual intervention.

For milk frothing, the Cameo offers both one-step and two-step programmes. The one-step system automatically froths and dispenses milk directly into the cup, while the two-step system allows for manual steaming, enabling baristas to create the perfect texture for latte art. This versatility ensures that the machine can cater to a range of preferences, from fully automated milk frothing to more hands-on control for intricate designs.

In terms of productivity, the Eversys Cameo is capable of producing up to 175 coffee drinks per hour, making it suitable for medium to high-volume environments such as busy coffee shops, restaurants, and office settings. Its efficiency does not compromise quality, ensuring consistent, flavourful beverages with each use.

The Eversys Cameo also excels in ease of use and maintenance. It features a user-friendly touchscreen interface that simplifies programming and operation, allowing baristas to work efficiently even during peak hours. Additionally, the machine includes an automated self-cleaning system that uses cleaning tablets, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance and ensuring hygiene standards are met.

Remote control and monitoring capabilities further enhance the Cameo's appeal. Through its telemetry system, the machine can send performance data and diagnostics, allowing for remote setup, maintenance, and quality control. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple locations, as it ensures consistent performance and reduces downtime.


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La Marzocco GB5 - Best Ergonomic Design 

Cost: $20,000 (2 group)


LA Marzocco GB5


The La Marzocco GB5 is one of the best commercial coffee machines on the market and features advanced temperature stability that ensures consistent espresso quality. The machine incorporates a dual PID system, providing precise control over brewing water and steam temperatures. This stability is crucial for maintaining perfect extraction conditions, resulting in high-quality espresso shots that meet the exacting standards of specialty coffee enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the GB5 is its eco-friendly design. The machine is built with energy-saving capabilities that reduce its environmental footprint while also cutting down on operational costs. It includes an Eco Mode that allows the machine to save energy during periods of low usage, making it a sustainable choice for businesses looking to minimise their impact on the environment.

The ergonomic design of the La Marzocco GB5 ensures ease of use for baristas. The machine's interface is intuitive, with programmable buttons that allow for easy operation and customisation of drink recipes. This design reduces the learning curve for new baristas and enhances workflow efficiency during busy periods).

In terms of build quality, the GB5 is constructed with high-grade materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its robust construction means it can withstand the demands of a high-volume café environment, making it a reliable investment that will continue to perform well over many years.

Another notable feature is the aesthetic appeal of the GB5. With its sleek lines and polished finish, the machine adds a touch of elegance to any coffee bar. This visual appeal can enhance the overall atmosphere of the café, making it more inviting for customers and creating a memorable experience.


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7 La Cimbali M40 - Most Innovative Coffee Machine

Cost: $18,480 (2 group)

La Cimbali M40

The La Cimbali M40 seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, offering a compact, durable design that ensures both high-quality performance and sophisticated aesthetics. The commercial coffee machine is engineered with advanced technology to enhance both barista efficiency and customer interaction. One of its standout features is the Eco-Smart Thermal System, which ensures energy efficiency without compromising on performance. This system reduces energy consumption significantly while maintaining flexibility and consistency in coffee preparation, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

Ergonomics are a key focus of the M40. The machine's group heads are strategically placed in the centre, away from the steam wands, to enhance workflow and prevent burns. The interface is redesigned with a full-touch capacitive keypad, improving user interaction and allowing for quick and easy customisation of coffee recipes.

The M40 also features La Cimbali’s Perfect Grinding System (PGS), which automatically adjusts grinding and dosing to ensure precise and consistent coffee extraction. Additionally, the Barista Drive System communicates with the grinder to recognise the portafilter and apply the correct recipe, minimising errors and enhancing efficiency during peak hours.

Maintenance is streamlined with the M40, designed to reduce time and costs associated with regular servicing. The machine's modular construction allows for quick and easy maintenance, further enhancing its appeal for high-volume establishments.

Furthermore, the La Cimbali Project App enables users to set and customise parameters and recipes via a smartphone, providing a modern and intuitive solution for managing the machine’s functions. The M40 also supports IoT connectivity, allowing for remote data analysis, machine management, and performance monitoring through La Cimbali’s Art In Coffee platform.


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8 Casadio Undici 2 Group - Best Entry-Level Coffee Machine

Cost: $4,300 (2 group)

Casadio Undici

The Casadio Undici 2 Group coffee machine is an excellent choice for medium-volume cafés, restaurants, and coffee shops that require a reliable and easy-to-use espresso machine. Here’s why it stands out and why someone might choose to invest in it:

The Casadio Undici is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Its user-friendly button controls make it accessible even for new baristas, allowing for quick adaptation and reducing the training time required. Each button is clearly marked with icons or text, ensuring that users can easily understand and operate the machine without feeling overwhelmed by excessive options.

One of the key features of the Undici is its innovative thermal system. The fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system guarantees excellent temperature control, ensuring that every cup of coffee is brewed at the optimal temperature. This system provides consistent and high-quality results, making it a reliable choice for establishments that prioritise the quality of their coffee.

The durability and reliability of the Undici are other significant advantages. The machine is constructed from robust steel and aluminium, which ensures it can withstand the demands of a busy café environment. Its compact design makes it suitable for businesses with limited counter space, while still providing the performance needed for medium to high-volume use​.

In addition to its sturdy construction, the Undici features mechanical button pads with LED activation lights, offering precise control over the coffee brewing process. This includes programmable volumetric dosing, allowing baristas to set and reproduce the exact coffee doses required, and ensuring consistency in every cup.

The maintenance of the Casadio Undici is straightforward, thanks to its modular design. Regular servicing is made easier, reducing downtime and ensuring that the machine remains in optimal working condition. This ease of maintenance is crucial for busy environments where every minute counts.


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9 Slayer Steam EP - Best Overall Style

Cost: from $20,000 (2 group)


Slayer Steam EP

The Slayer Steam EP is renowned for its temperature stability and precise control. Each group head has its independent brew boiler with PID control, ensuring consistent and accurate temperature regulation. This feature is crucial for maintaining the quality and consistency of espresso shots, particularly in busy settings where multiple beverages are prepared simultaneously​.

One of the standout features of the Steam EP is its volumetric dosing system. This allows for precise control over shot volumes, with the ability to program up to four automated shot outputs per group. The programmable Pre-Wet phase further enhances flavour extraction by allowing a 0-4 second pre-infusion of the coffee, ensuring each shot is tailored to perfection​.

The user-friendly design of the Steam EP is another significant advantage. The machine features a centralised heads-up Barista Dashboard™ that simplifies operation and programming. This intuitive interface makes it easy for baristas to adjust settings, manage volumes, and maintain consistency even during peak hours. Additionally, the soft-touch steam actuators and ergonomic portafilters enhance the barista’s comfort and efficiency.

In terms of build quality and maintenance, the Steam EP is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The electronic solenoid steam valve is designed to be low-maintenance, reducing the need for frequent rebuilds and ensuring reliable performance over time. This robustness makes it a valuable investment for establishments that demand high performance with minimal downtime.

The aesthetic appeal of the Steam EP also adds to its allure. With a low-profile design, large drip tray, and sleek anodised aluminium finish, it not only performs exceptionally but also enhances the visual appeal of any coffee bar. This design encourages customer engagement by making it easier for baristas to interact with customers while preparing beverages.


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10 La Cimbali M23UP - Best for Medium-Volume Cafes

Cost: from $6,600 (2 group)

La Cimbali M23UP

The La Cimbali M23UP combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern coffee technology. It features a superior thermal system, which ensures consistent temperature control, resulting in perfect brews every time. The machine is designed with a high-efficiency thermosyphon system that guarantees reliability and top performance, making it a dependable choice for any busy coffee environment.

The M23UP is known for its stylish and ergonomic design. Crafted from durable steel, it offers both longevity and a sleek appearance, available in black, white, and red. The broad logo strip on the front allows for personalisation, adding a unique touch to fit the aesthetics of any establishment. The machine’s button pads with LED indicators ensure prompt and precise coffee delivery, and the ergonomic filter holder makes the brewing process a delightful experience.

Installation and maintenance are straightforward with the M23UP. It features a built-in volumetric pump and a self-levelling water system, making setup quick and hassle-free. Maintenance is also simplified, saving valuable time and effort, which is crucial in busy settings where uptime is essential which is one of the reasons why this is one of the best commercial coffee machines on the Australian market.

The machine’s dual pressure gauge allows baristas to monitor both pump and boiler pressures effortlessly, ensuring optimal operation and safety. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining the consistency and quality of the coffee served.


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Frequently Asked Questions



We've all seen espresso machines sitting elegantly on countertops: their buttons glowing, their bodies gleaming, and their steam wands poised to create silky, frothy milk. One push of a button, and it seems as though your coffee dreams come true. However, there’s much more happening beneath the surface before your coffee is ready.

The Basics of Espresso Machines

When you decide to invest in an espresso machine, you're paying for its ability to perform several critical functions efficiently. Water travels from the source to the boiler and then to the group head, while steam is generated in the boiler to power the steam wand. Understanding these processes can help you make a well-informed decision.

The Boiler: The Heart of the Machine

The boiler is the most essential component of any espresso machine. It heats and stores pressurised water from the pump. Despite its unassuming appearance—often resembling a simple cylindrical copper tank—the boiler is crucial. It uses a level sensor to allow water to pass through an inlet valve, filling it to the correct level, where electric elements then heat it to produce steam.


When purchasing a commercial coffee machine, you’ll encounter different types: single, dual, or multi-boiler machines. Some machines use a heat exchanger to heat the brewing water to the correct temperature.

Brew Temperature: The Key to Quality Coffee

Maintaining a consistent brew temperature is vital for consistently delicious coffee. Most commercial espresso machines maintain a temperature between 90-96 degrees Celsius, although this can vary depending on the coffee blend, roast degree, and desired flavour profile. Higher temperatures increase the solubility of coffee compounds, affecting the rate of extraction and ultimately, the flavour.

Saturated Group Heads

A saturated group head is an extension of the coffee boiler, surrounded by water, ensuring consistent temperature from the boiler to the espresso extraction. This setup results in a more stable and consistent brew.

Understanding these components and their functions will equip you with the knowledge to choose the best espresso machine for your needs. Whether you're running a small café or a high-volume coffeehouse, investing in the right machine will ensure you deliver exceptional coffee, cup after cup.

Single Boiler Espresso Machines

A single-boiler espresso machine uses one boiler for brewing espresso, steaming milk, and providing hot water. These machines are suitable for low-volume environments where coffee isn’t the primary focus. However, they often struggle with capacity and temperature consistency during busy periods, leading to under-extracted coffee and malfunctioning steam wands.

Heat Exchange Espresso Machines

Most single boiler machines use heat exchange technology. A heat exchanger coffee machine has a single boiler with a rod or coiled pipe running through it, heating the water for brewing. While they can handle basic functions, they may struggle with maintaining temperature consistency during high-volume use.

Dual Boiler Coffee Machines

A dual boiler machine features two separate boilers: one for generating steam and another for supplying water to the group heads. This setup allows for greater control and consistency. Modern dual boiler machines use proportional-integral-derivative controllers (PIDs) to maintain precise temperatures. Dual boiler machines are ideal for busy cafés as they handle high volumes while maintaining temperature stability.

Multi Boiler Coffee Machines

Multi-boiler machines take it a step further by allowing individual temperature control for each group head. This flexibility enables you to offer different coffee profiles without compromising on quality. Each group head can be set to a specific temperature, allowing you to serve various coffee types at their optimal brewing conditions.



The best brand of commercial espresso machine truly depends on your specific needs and budget. Leading brands such as La Cimbali, La Marzocco, Eversys, Faema, Slayer, Rheavendors, Casadio, and ECM offer a range of options to suit various requirements, from high-volume operations to compact spaces. Each brand has its unique strengths, so it’s important to consider what features are most important for your business.


The cost of a commercial espresso machine can vary significantly, typically ranging from AU$ 3,000 to AU$ 50,000. The wide variety available means there is an option to suit every type of coffee shop, café, or coffee service, regardless of budget. It’s crucial to invest in a machine that meets your specific needs while also considering the potential return on investment through improved service and coffee quality.


Commercial espresso machines are designed for durability and can withstand daily use in a busy environment. Typically, these machines last between 7 to 10 years before they require major repairs or replacement. Regular maintenance and proper care can help extend their lifespan and ensure consistent performance.



With the myriad of features and latest technologies in modern espresso machines, it’s evident that not all machines are created equally. Knowing how to choose the right coffee machine can be challenging, especially with so many new options available. Often, the most crucial factor is finding a machine that fits your budget while consistently producing flavoursome espresso at high volumes. Here’s a checklist of critical considerations to guide you in your decision:


The most significant factor in your decision-making process is your budget. Establishing a budget helps distinguish between essential features and nice-to-haves. While it’s tempting to cut costs, investing in a high-quality machine can pay off in the long run through reliability and increased sales. View your espresso machine as a long-term investment that prioritises your goals and customer satisfaction.


Espresso machines come in various sizes, typically ranging from 1 to 4 group versions. For most cafés, a three-group commercial coffee machine is the most efficient for handling high demand. However, if space or power constraints exist, a two-group machine might be your only viable option.

Brew Temperature Consistency

Consistency in brew temperature is crucial for producing high-quality espresso, especially at high volumes. Customers value consistency, making it a key factor in securing repeat business. Look for machines with dual or multi-boiler systems, saturated group heads, and PID temperature control to ensure stable and precise temperature management.

User Friendliness

The user interface and features of the machine should enhance, not hinder, the workflow of you and your baristas. While high-tech machines with advanced features can be appealing, they might be overly complex and unnecessary for your café’s needs. Ensure that both you and your staff are comfortable with the machine’s operation before making a purchase.

Control Options: Push Button vs Paddle

Espresso machines typically use either touchpad/push button controls or paddle controls to manage extraction. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the choice often comes down to personal preference. Some baristas prefer the quick and easy touchpad, while others favour the precision and artisanal feel of paddle controls. Choose the option that best suits your workflow and barista preferences.

Shot Timers

If your budget allows, opt for a machine with a clear, digital shot timer. Shot timers are invaluable for ensuring consistent espresso shots, streamlining workflow, and diagnosing any issues with your machine. They provide a significant advantage in maintaining quality control.


While the appearance of your machine doesn’t affect the quality of the espresso, it can influence customer perception and satisfaction. A customised machine can catch the attention of customers and make them proud to be associated with your café. It also makes a strong impression on competitors. If your budget permits, allocating funds for customising your machine can be a worthwhile investment.

When choosing a coffee machine, consider these factors carefully. Balancing budget, functionality, and aesthetics will help you select a machine that meets your needs and enhances your café’s reputation.


Lever espresso machines are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a unique brewing experience. However, they come with their own set of challenges, particularly in achieving consistent espresso shots. The manual nature of these machines requires a higher level of skill and experience, making them more suitable for high-end coffee shops and espresso bars where baristas are up for the challenge.


Super-automatic espresso machines, which grind beans and pull shots at the push of a button, are designed for convenience rather than quality. While they simplify the espresso-making process, they often fall short in delivering the superior taste and texture expected from traditional machines. For this reason, we typically do not recommend super-automatic espresso machines for establishments prioritising high-quality coffee.



When assessing the quality of coffee produced by automatic machines, it’s important to note that fresh bean machines, which grind the coffee beans for each cup, generally yield much better and healthier coffee compared to pod machines.

Fresh Bean Machines

For fresh bean machines, ensure the machine allows you to program various coffee strengths, select from 2-3 heat levels, and adjust the milk volume. These features enable you to refine and customise your drinks to your exact preferences. For those who are particularly discerning about their coffee, check if the machine includes a Coffee App that allows individual programming from your phone, offering a higher level of personalisation.

Quality and Extraction

The key to achieving barista-quality coffee with an automatic machine lies in the extraction process. If the machine extracts the coffee well and you use fresh milk along with high-quality beans, the result can be remarkably close to what you would get from a skilled barista.

Trial and Tasting

Before committing, it is advisable to either trial the machine for a few days or visit a showroom to taste-test various options. This hands-on experience will help you determine which machine meets your taste and performance expectations.

Additional Features

Consider additional features such as the ability to make different coffee styles (espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc.), ease of cleaning, and durability. These factors contribute to the overall quality and satisfaction of the coffee experience provided by the machine.

By carefully evaluating these aspects and testing the machine beforehand, you can ensure that your automatic coffee machine delivers a high-quality coffee experience that satisfies even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.



While the espresso machine is the central piece of equipment in a coffee setup, it’s not the only item you’ll need. Ensure you allocate part of your budget for essential accessories such as a conical burr grinder (preferably dedicated to espresso), cups, saucers, shot glasses, and milk pitchers. These items are crucial for maintaining the quality and presentation of your coffee service. Additionally, consider investing in proper maintenance tools and cleaning supplies to keep your machine in top condition.

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