Cimbali Group president Maurizio Cimbali recently sat down with the 5THWAVE magazine to discuss the past, present and the future of the Group. In this article Maurizio provides in depth insights into the whole coffee industry and the exciting times ahead. Service Sphere have been working as an approved distributor over the last 5 years for the Cimbali Group, servicing and selling LaCimbali and Casadio espresso equipment in the Australian market.

The Cimbali Group have engrained themselves as the largest manufacturers of espresso equipment in the world, by fulfilling a commitment to quality of its products and services. Maurizio states this to be at the centre of their operations, where quality of their products has always been their absolute priority. As a result, we’ve continually invested in research and development, not just on the technical side, but also in terms of design and aesthetics too. This constant search for perfection is what makes Cimbali Group such a special company, evident in their latest equipment release the LaCimbali M23UP, which you can read about in a blog Service Sphere released recently by clicking here. The M23UP is sturdy and robust, with a slightly different aesthetic appeal than its predecessor the M27. Maurizio goes onto say that the reason for their success also relies on being customer-centric and focussing on customer service. Reflecting Maurizio’s point, Cimbali Group are constantly striving to improve and showcase their brand to the world in the best possible way.

As president of Cimbali Group Maurizio talks about the future of the market, important trends and how they see their future growth being maintained. He also spoke positively about the state of the current market, saying there are encouraging signs as there are a lot of new big fish in the industry, showing how the industry is becoming more attractive and prosperous. Maurizio says “coffee has become the subject of great attention from the big multinational companies.” Generating a greater financial presence in the industry, Maurizio believes this shows how appealing the industry is becoming, as we are seeing more and more new groups entering the coffee industry as a result.  

The traditional and super-automatic sectors have been providing solid growth and prospects in recent times. Maurizio believes the market is broadening, now including countries that once were not key players but have since become so, with emerging brands challenging the norm, pushing Cimbali and other brands with long heritage to innovate moving the industry as a whole forward.

Cimbali Group have been a part of the coffee industry for over 100 years, now in its fourth generation of the same family. Maurizio believes the family orientated company is the reason for many starting and ending their careers with the group, finding both personal and professional fulfilment whilst working there. With all involved working towards a common goal it’s obvious why they have been able to sustain substantial growth for so many years. Combining their passion for quality equipment with a dedication to customer service, Cimbali Group have well and truly established themselves as an industry leader. Here at Service Sphere we see the Cimbali Group as a big brother, a company we look up to and strive to emulate. Being customer centric, striving for sustained growth in all departments, being at the forefront of innovation and continuing to push the boundaries of the industry.

A very interesting read as 5THWAVE attempt to delve deeper in to what makes Cimbali Group successful. You can read the original article here.

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