30% OFF when you bundle a FAEMINA with a TOUCH&MATCH grinder for DAD.

Take a look at our FAEMINA coffee machines and TOUCH&MATCH grinder range.



Touch & Match is the doser grinder that completes your perfect Faemina home experience!

With its modern and minimalist design, it goes perfectly with any Faemina thanks to its chrome, polished white and matt black colour variants.

Touch & Match is the automatic grinder-doser that guarantees perfect grinding both at home and in a bar.

Thanks to the three colour variants, chrome, glossy white and matte black, it perfectly matches any environment.

On-demand grinding guarantees the freshness of ground coffee, preserving all its sensory properties.

The setting system is quick and intuitive: thanks to the touch screen interface, it adapts to the preparation of all types of coffee, from espresso to filter coffee.

Finally, the cleaning process is very simple and ensures the removal of any residue in the grinding chamber for perfectly extracted coffee.



The combination of the world of design and the world of coffee comes Faemina: the highest level of coffee experience, to enjoy wherever you want. The Faemina creates value in 5 different ways:

Clean lines, high-quality materials (steel and aluminium) and the 100% made in Italy manufacture, make this machine a timeless work of art, born to last.

Faemina brings the most advanced technologies from the professional world to the home & small business segments, including control of extraction temperature, dual boiler and the exclusive system with integrated softener filter in the water tank – ensuring not only proper maintenance but guaranteed best in-cup quality for every drink (compliant with WBC and IEI standards).

Product Variety
Faemina achieves excellent quality levels in dispensing a wide variety of drinks thanks to a set of tailor-made systems that are unique in the market: two functional milk foaming options,
Patented Up & Down System, exclusive extraction system for filter coffee (Brewing) and high-quality infused tea.

User-centric solutions
Faemina/’s meticulous design is reflected in a number of details that make it natural
and pleasant to use, including the front water tank, coffee dispensing just 5 minutes after start-up, voice recognition system and the Be FAEMA App.

The Faemina world extends beyond the machine, ensuring that sustainability is not compromised by its quality. With sustainability front of mind, the Faemina has been built to ensure that it meets the market needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; through its energy-saving insulated boiler and Advanced Time & Energy Saving systems – automatic stand-by at 10 minutes of inactivity.


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