La Cimbali S20 vs S30: A Comprehensive Superautomatic Espresso Machine Comparison

In the world of espresso machines, the pinnacle of convenience and cutting-edge technology is embodied by super automatics. These remarkable machines handle every step of crafting a perfect espresso, from grinding fresh coffee beans to frothing milk, with the simple touch of a button. La Cimbali, a prominent name in the world of espresso machine manufacturing, offers two exceptional superautomatic espresso machines: the S20 and S30. If you're in the market for a superautomatic espresso machine and wondering which one is the better fit for you, you've come to the right place. 

This La Cimbali S20 vs S30 comparison will provide a detailed analysis of these two machines, helping you make an informed decision.


La Cimbali S30


La Cimbali S20


Features Shared by Both Espresso Machines


1. Superautomatic Machine Type

Both the La Cimbali S20 and La Cimbali S30 belong to the superautomatic category, which is the epitome of convenience in espresso preparation. Unlike traditional espresso machines where baristas need to grind coffee, brew shots, and froth milk manually, superautomatics handle these tasks seamlessly. These machines come equipped with built-in grinders, automating the entire process, including grinding the beans, brewing the espresso, and frothing the milk. This user-friendly design ensures consistent and high-quality drinks with minimal effort, making them an excellent choice for high-turnover businesses.

2. Touchscreen Operation

One of the standout features of both the S20 and S30 is their modern touchscreen controls. The intuitive touchscreens make operating these machines a breeze. Whether you're an experienced barista or a novice, you can easily navigate the touchscreen to craft your desired drinks. The touchscreen interface is not only user-friendly but also facilitates quick and efficient beverage preparation, making it an ideal choice for various business settings.

3. Companion App

Both the La Cimbali S20 and S30 are compatible with La Cimbali's companion app, Cup4You. By connecting the machines to the app via Wi-Fi, you gain remote control over them. The app offers a wide range of functionalities, including the ability to place drink orders and save personalized recipes. This feature is particularly advantageous in office settings, where employees can adjust and save their preferred beverages on the app, making it convenient for them to order their drinks from their desks. See our full review of the La Cimbali S30.

4.  Amount of Hoppers

Inspecting the top of both the S20 and S30 reveals the presence of dual hoppers. These hoppers play a crucial role in feeding fresh coffee beans into the grinder. The availability of two hoppers offers flexibility: you can load both hoppers with the same coffee beans for increased availability, or you can choose two different types of coffee blends, such as regular and decaffeinated. Furthermore, the machines are equipped with a built-in powder container, perfect for preparing drinks like hot chocolate.

5. Hopper Capacity

Hopper capacity is another important consideration for coffee machine users. Larger hoppers mean fewer refills, which is particularly advantageous for businesses with high coffee consumption. Both the S20 and S30 impress with generously sized hoppers, each capable of holding approximately 2 x 1.2kgs of coffee beans. This ample capacity ensures that refilling is infrequent, even in busy coffee shops. The dual-hopper design further minimizes the need for replenishing beans, enhancing operational efficiency.

6. Requires Plumbing

Both the S20 and S30 feature a direct-connect plumbing design. These machines must be connected to a water line to function effectively. This plumbing system contributes significantly to their convenience. Unlike many home espresso machines that use a pour-over configuration, requiring manual water replenishment, the S20 and S30 automatically refill themselves, eliminating concerns about the machines running dry and sustaining damage. This feature also simplifies employee training, as there's no need to instruct staff on adding water to the machines' tanks. See our full review of the La Cimbali S20

7. Cool-Touch Steam Wands

One common concern when using espresso machines is the risk of encountering hot components, particularly steam wands, which can cause burns. Steam wands usually reach high temperatures during frothing and need to be manipulated and cleaned. However, the steam wands on the S20 and S30 are coated with insulating material, allowing you to handle them without the fear of burns. This feature enhances safety and convenience for baristas and staff.

8. Dimensions

Size is a critical factor to consider when choosing a superautomatic espresso machine. The dimensions of these machines, including boiler size, hopper size, and menu size, are essential for accommodating the equipment in your establishment. Both the S20 and S30 share identical dimensions, measuring 370mm Width x 630mm Diameter x 762mm in Height. While they may not fit beneath standard cabinets, they are relatively space-efficient compared to other superautomatic options available in the market.


Key Differences Between the S20 and S30

1. Output Capacity

One of the really big differences between the La Cimbali S20 and S30 lies in their output capacity. The S30 boasts a significantly larger output volume compared to the S20. Capable of outputting up to 300 drinks per day, the S30's output is 50% greater than that of the S20 which can output up to 200 per day. While both machines are suitable for use in larger establishments, the S30's increased speed makes it the superior choice for high-volume locations.

2. Number of Boilers

The number of boilers is a pivotal factor affecting the performance of an espresso machine. In this comparison, the S30 features a dual boiler design, whereas the S20 has a single boiler. The dual boiler setup in the S30 is designed for brewing coffee and espresso with one boiler and steaming milk with the other simultaneously, resulting in faster drink preparation. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses with high drink demand, as it ensures efficient and rapid service.

3. La Cimbali S30 Perfect Grinding System

The La Cimbali S30 introduces the perfect grinding system, a groundbreaking innovation that simplifies coffee grinding. This system automatically adjusts the grind fineness based on environmental changes and wear and tear in the grinder's burrs. As a result, you consistently get perfectly ground espresso and coffee without the need for manual adjustments. This feature is a game-changer, especially for businesses with inexperienced baristas or employees who may not have extensive coffee expertise.


How much is the La Cimbali S20

The La Cimbali S20 is currently priced at $19,820.00

Order your S20 here


How much is the La Cimbali S30

The La Cimbali S30 is currently priced at $25,420.00

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Which Espresso Machine is Right for You?

Now, let's address the most crucial question: which machine is the right choice for you? Given the differences discussed, selecting a suitable machine for your business is relatively straightforward.

The S30, with its enhanced output capacity, dual boiler system, and perfect grinding system, is the more powerful choice. It is an ideal selection for businesses with a high volume of espresso orders, as it can efficiently handle increased demand. Additionally, its perfect grinding system simplifies the coffee preparation process, making it accessible to inexperienced baristas and staff members.

On the other hand, the S20 offers excellent usability in a superautomatic machine but with a slightly lower output capacity. It is a superb choice for businesses that do not require the higher output that comes with the S30