The is a reason why LaCimbali is the global leader of coffee equipment manufacturing. Once you become a LaCimbali customer, you automatically have a competitive advantage over everybody else in the coffee industry.  Why? LaCimbali has technologies to boost any type of business.




This innovative system, which was integrated in the traditional M100ì machine, allows you to froth hot and cold milk and to dispense it directly, simply and quickly into a cup, as well as into a jug.










This patented device makes it possible to set 4 milk recipes with or without foam. The temperature and frothing level (quantity of foam) can be selected for every recipe.











GT System

A patented system that enables operators to set a different temperature for every coffee group, in order to guarantee the best extraction temperature for every type of blend. The system makes it possible to meet the exacting standard of precision requested by the WBC.'









Cimbali's exclusive, patented system that makes it easy to achieve the ideal temperature on traditional group. It also allows the barista to set different temperatures for each of the machine's groups.









User Experience

Smart Boiler

This patented innovation makes it possible to manage the accumulation of energy conserved in the boiler to enable a constant maximum steam and water supply even when machine is undergoing intensive use. This technology means that the barista will never be in a situation where there is an insufficient steam flow to make the required drinks. 







Barista Drive System

An integrated system that facilitates the work of the barista by maintaining a dialogue between the machine and grinder-doser. This innovative technology guides the barista step by step through all the beverage preparation stages, from grinding the coffee to dispensing.








Perfect Grind System

This system, exclusive to Cimbali, provides constant control of coffee-dispensing parameters so the grinder-doser, connected to the machine via Bluetooth, automatically carries out any grinding and dosing corrections to ensure optimal, constant dispensing.











This technology enables data communication and remote monitoring of all the machine's functions and performance via a Wi-Fi link. 












CUP4YOU is an innovative application developed by Gruppo Cimbali that offers a new and unique interaction with the new S20 and S30 super-automatic machines. You can download the application on the App Store and Google Play.