Our monthly focus for this July is the Eureka Grinders range. Eureka have been designing and manufacturing modern and elegant coffee grinders since 1920. Over time they have developed some of the most innovative ‘state of the art’ grinders worldwide diversifying their range for all types of consumer requirements.  One of the most popular grinders we stock in the Eureka range is the Atom.

These grinders are available in varying blade sizes including 60 mm, 65mm & 75mm flat blade burrs. The larger the burr the greater the grind capability. One thing we really love about Eureka is the focus on the quality dose their grinders produce. We all know a coffee machine is only as good as its grinder, with inconsistent coffee doses you simply are not going to achieve the desired consistent flavour profile. Now with the patented ‘anti-clump crusher’ found in the Atom grinders, coffee beans now come out of the coffee grounds chute in a consistent crisp texture.  

What is also great about these grinders is their ease of use. The interface is simple yet effective, features a colour display, stepless micrometric adjustment and 2 separate doser settings. An extra plus is grinder blades are a lot easier to access than other grinders in the market, making cleaning and replacement even easier. Another patented feature is Eureka’s silent grinding system. Since these grinders are often found in places such as offices and homes many consumers do not want the noise associated with a high output commercial grinder. The Atom is considerably quiter. 

You have the standard factory colours including matt black, chrome and white. Custom order options include ferrari red, metallic grey diamond, grey & metallic emerald and many more.

Service Sphere is Australia’s master importer of the Eureka grinder range, should you require further information, or a demonstration you can contact our sales department Here. 

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