Lately we are finding many people in the coffee industry are unaware of how to identify worn grinder blades and what steps are required to replace them.

If you have not been trained on how to inspect or change blades, please consult a professional. 

Identifying Signs Of Worn Out Blades:

  • Are you constantly adjusting your grind setting?
  • Is your dose warm to touch? 
  • Is your grinder experiencing higher static than usual?

These signs may be an indication that your grinder blades are worn, another easy way is to run your finger nail across the burrs.  If the burrs leave a mark, then they do not require changing; if they don't, then it's time for a change.

Now you know the blades are worn, order your replacement blades here

Steps To Change Blades:

  1. UNPLUG the grinder, never work on an electrical appliance that is plugged in to a power outlet.
  2. Remove the hopper (you may find some hoppers have locating screws or tabs). 


  3. Unscrew the upper burr carrier, the direction varies depending on the manufacturer.


  4. Remove the tension springs.


  5. Unscrew the lower grinder blade, which are usually held in by 3 screws.


  6. Whilst your grinder is partially disassembled, now is a great time to give the internals a thorough clean.
  7. Do the opposite and reassemble. 


  8. If you are using new blades remember your blades require wearing in (Check out the wear difference between old and new) 


Tips To Prolong Your New Blades: 

Nothing lasts for ever, even coffee grinder blades. The difference is what can you do to prolong the life? By now, I’m confident most of our blog readers know how much we advocate for preventative maintenance on coffee machines, well grinders are no different.

Try to keep the blades clean as possible, once in while give them a clean this way any residue lodged in the burs will be removed and you’ll have a better grind.

Avoid foreign objects from entering the hopper which can cause damage to the blades.

New blades will need to be broken in, you may have to sacrifice a few coffee beans to run through the machine. This is because they require some use to reach the desired grind setting.

Disclaimer: Please note, you are reading a ‘how to article’, all information being provided involves a risk and should only be conducted by trained professionals, should you be unable to change grinder blades Service Sphere is able to assist by contacting us here.