Service Sphere has its own research and development sector in its North Melbourne head office; our technicians are in conjunction with manufacturers develop and modify machines to suit our Australian customers.

You will be hard pressed to find a larger coffee machine equipment provider then us - meaning we have a whole array of machines from vintage lever pull gaggias to current super automatics.  

Looking at the Australian marketplace many popular brands actually do not suit the marketplace, with low group heads, smaller boilers and varying electrical components. All this comes down to decreased capabilities.

On many occasions our industry partners provide us with new pieces of equipment or features for us to test. What usually happens next is a complete dismantle and reassemble of the equipment, our technicians make notes on all aspects of the machinery including strengths and weaknesses and run the machine under stress. What this does is enabled us to provide a complete evaluation sheet from the barista experience to the capability of the machines components.

After this we usually provide the equipment to industry partners whom also use the machine and provide us with feedback. After the initial r&d process is complete.

The challenge for Service Sphere is ensuring a coffee machine is aesthetically pleasing whilst maintaining our key competencies including reliability and ease of maintenance. Due to this, Service Sphere has developed an intricate team of technicians and industry partners including engineers and fitter and turners who collaborate to develop and implement new components to suit the needs of the marketplace.  

This is particularly useful within the Australian market, as most coffee machines are made for Italy this is especially noticeable with machines being low group suiting the European coffee drinker who has less milk and more coffee.